Battle of Bogenhof – Pt2 – Scenario and scenery.

Before even looking at the choice of armies or drafting in help (covered previously in this post), I’d been thinking about the sort of game we should put on.

The first place I looked at was the big rule book, as it contained a number of additional, more narrative, scenarios that wouldn’t normally see play. There were a few that looked promising but the one that caught my eye was Raze and Ruin. Basically one side defends a village whilst the other attacks and tries to burn it down.

I liked the premise of this but there was one small issue, I didn’t have any mordheim style ruined buildings to represent the burnt down village. It was at this point I thought about the Golem and an idea came to mind on how to amend the scenario and incorporate it into the game:

After a trader had reported the presence of an unusual dwarf statue in the centre of the village of Bogenhof, a delegation was sent from the nearest hold, Karak Silvertop, to investigate. To their surprise and delight, what they discovered was one of the lost Gronti Duraz, a Rune Golem from the age of legends.

The delegation immediately spoke to the village council to reclaim what was rightfully theirs but to their anger, the honourless manlings rejected their lawful claim! Incensed, the dwarves returned to their mountain stronghold. Upon hearing the news, the hold’s Runelord, Barlin, argued for setting forth immediately to capture the dwarven wonder. The King of the Silvertop clan briefly consulted with the clan elders and the visiting Ungrim Ironfist and after a short deliberation, ordered the forces of the hold to set forth.

Seeing the approach of the dwarf expeditionary force, the humans fled, allowing the dwarves to effortless capture the village. With the hovel in their grasp, the Runelord and apprentices started the ritual of awakening, unaware that other forces were approaching…


With an initial scenario idea put together i then had to workout exactly what scenery I had and what I’d have to complete in order to be able to field it! Going through my scenery boxes, turned up more that I’d initially thought including:

  • Citadel Garden of Morr (now called a sigmarite mausoleum) – unpainted
  • Citadel Chapel – unpainted
  • Citadel Watchtower (including the little outhouse building) – unpainted
  • Citadel Lotr Lake house – unpainted
  • Citadel walls and fences set – painted (huzzah!)
  • Citadel wood – painted (huzzah again!)
  • River (custom built around 70” of straights and 18” of bends) – came painted.
  • Various card buildings including:
    • 4th ed starter box watchtower
    • 4th ed starter box house
    • 5th ed starter box watchtower
    • 5th Ed starter box house
    • Grudge of Drong blacksmith
    • Grudge of Drong dwarf hall
    • Another random house (unbuilt).
  • Trees and Hedges – some originally bought from GW in the early 90’s but most were sourced from a company called K and M trees, that almost perfectly match the 90’s ones. I will say if you are UK based and like the style (photos below), I can highly recommend this firm. This included:
    • 5 hedges
    • 1 conifer
    • 5 fruit trees
    • 9 medium/large trees

Scenery Progress

So after that extended waffle I thought I’d share the progress so far. I have to say that this has really galvanised me to complete the scenery that has been sitting unloved for years. My 5 year old was also let lose on all the house roofs (and the lake house walls) using contrast paints, which she also loved. I’ve also really enjoyed painting the scenery and all of the below has been completed in a couple of weeks (though this was helped by not going to town on detail)!

Garden of Morr

Lord of the Rings Lake House




Though no work was required on the trees, their bases are minuscule, so the trees were ridiculously top heavy and prone to fall over faster than saying ‘the great storm of ‘89’. A quick purchase of some MDF bases and a heavy session of PVA and flock, combined with some sporadic use of flowers on the bases, provided me with some very useable (and stable!) woods.

10 thoughts on “Battle of Bogenhof – Pt2 – Scenario and scenery.

  1. The scenery is coming along well, and must feel good to get these pieces finished and able to use in the game.
    The background story to the scenario is great, and really sets the scene well.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Dave. As I almost exclusively play at our club and they have scenery available, there has never before been a motivating factor to get the scenery prioritised over the piles of minis. There definitely is a satisfaction in now getting these done.

      Liked by 3 people

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