Toe in the water, 40K again

Although I have a number of models, I very rarely play 40K.

This is down to a few things: lack of time (or perhaps more accurately, taking away play time from bloodbowl and fantasy), being put off by the horribly bloated 7th edition ruleset (which was when I first started) and then in my first game of 8th, facing a pretty filthy, tournament style list.

Having ‘Bloodbowled’ myself out during lockdown, due to the week in, week out substitute online league (and not being entirely convinced by the new ruleset), I decided that I was going to take a break from that and instead dip my toe back into 40K.

With that decided, I lined up an intro game vs Tim, who was also a relative beginner (at least in 9th) and I had a surprisingly pleasantly game. Not that I doubted I would as I’ve played Tim a few times at fantasy and he’s always an enjoyable opponent but I really enjoyed the game of 40K. The primary and secondary objectives really made it so it was not about killing (well not entirely).

I’m not sure if my list was good or not but I just bought as many Dreadnoughts as I could fit in, purely as I love the models. I did forget all my dice though and as punishment for using Tim’s, my rolling was abysmal!

Many rules were also completely forgotten (by both of us)!

I ended up taking the below models. I’ll touch on this list in the next section but as a summary, 50% of the dreads were great, the others were either killed early so had no impact (Contemptor) or were a bit lacklustre (standard dread). The Chaplain was also killed very early doors due to a blunder on my behalf.

The force

SELWG 2021 Competition

So with all that said, I’ve made the decision to enter the club 40K competition. This may seem a bit hasty but the chap running it has split it into 3 leagues with the bottom one aimed purely at starters/novices. As such it should be populated with others at a reasonably similar level. (He’ll also be policing lists and moving peeps to a more appropriate league if he feels it is warranted!).

So the question became, what did I want to take?

Well firstly, I had to take into account the ‘comp’ or restrictions. There were basically just two. No forgeworld rules and models must be painted to a 3 colour base standard. This made my choices fairly easy, as I have a limited number of 40K models painted and wanted to minimise what I had to paint! With that decision I then had to decide if there was anything I used in the intro game, that hadn’t been painted, that I really wanted to take in the competition.

This equates to the following: 3 Eliminators (snipers), 3 Outriders (bikers), 10 Intercessors (basic troops), 5 infiltrators (marines who scout) and a Venerable Dreadnought.

I also had to take into consideration what other things I already had painted and that was: 3 Aggressors (armoured troops with lots of shooting), Devastators (troops with various heavy weapons), stern guard, drop pods, a Landraider Crusader and 15 scouts (low armoured troops, 10 with sniper rifles and 5 with bolters).

Determined to paint as little as possible meant that the only thing I Needed to paint were some core troops as you had to take a minimum number of units, so that became a choice between intercessors or infiltrators. With the former being cheaper, they became the choice. I also wanted to field a venerable Dreadnought but that was easily solved as I’d proxy the standard dread as a venerable one (in case it wasn’t painted in time!). So with the other units out of the running, due to their non-painted status, it was just left to pick a list.

The Crusade of the Stalking Tiger

Only the 8 Intercessors need painting!

As normal, I’ll be running the list as an Imperial Fists successor, with inheritors of the primarch tactics (basically they are imp’ fists in all but name). Imperial Fists are considered the weakest of the Space Marines at present but that’s fine, they are still Marines, so still decent and it will help cement the list belonging in the lower league (and I like the imp fists tactics too).

Stark is the Void – Primaris Chaplain on Bike – Warlord and Master of Sanctity – 140pts

I’ve always like chaplains, even before they improved in the last two editions. I’ve paid the points to make him head chaplain of the chapter. He has been given the warlord trait ‘wise orator’. This allows him to cast his litanies (his abilities to boost those nearby) on a 2+ and combined with the Master of Sanctity, allows him to cast 2 or the 3 I’ve chosen for him. I went with: rerolls to melee hits (all Chaplains get this), +1 to his attacks, Strength and weapon damage (self buff) and +2 to charge distances (aura ability). His relic is the standard Benediction of Fury, an improved melee weapon that gives additional damage and armour penetration. Combined with his self buffing litany, he is quite a beat stick. I’ve also spent a command point for the Sentinels of Terra stratagem. This allows him to take an additional Imperial Fists warlord trait. This was Hand of Dorn and it gives you D3 additional command points. At the least it will refund back the command point spent to take it or it will give 1 or 2 bonus CP, so feels like a no brainer really.

Red Runs the Flesh – Primaris Techmarine – Master of the Forge – 100pts

This chap has one job, to heal and buff the dreads. Specifically he’ll be with the Redemptor as that is the only one with a degrading profile. His ability to heal a straight 3 wounds is well worth the upgrade cost. Also giving a dread +1 to all its ranged attacks rolls is superb. I’ve spent 2 additional CP on stratagems for him. The 1st, Hero of the Chapter, gives him a Warlord trait. In this instance, Rites of War, which allows a Dreadnought within 6” to get objective secured. This allows it to hold objectives more easily. The 2nd is for a relic: Auric Aquila. This gives him a 4++ invulnerable save and the ability to ignore mortal wounds on a 5+, boosting his survivability. His damage output both at ranged and in combat isn’t bad either.

Moons Rise Together – 8 Primaris Intercessors – Autobolt rifles – 160pts

Standard troops. I went with this rifle, sacrificing armour mitigation for volume of shots, 3 per gun, that when combined with the IF trait where 6‘s to hit cause an additional hit, should maximise damage output.

The Blade is Poised – 5 Assault Intercessors – 95pts

Silent in the Cloud – 5 Assault Intercessors – 95pts

Both of these are just being run as is. They are cheap but can kick out a fair number of melee attacks.

The Mask Removed – Contemptor Dreadnought – 150pts

The internet generally agrees that the multimelta is the better weapon so I’ve of course taken the Kheres Assault cannon. Why? Because it’s the way I’ve built it and also who doesn’t like an extra large mini gun. It just brings back visions of Predator to me. I don’t mind admitting that I’m not actually sure of the role of this Dread. What I should use him for in a game. About the best I have come up with, is to stick him on a flank. I do love this model though. I picked up the Forgeworld Alpha Legion dread a while back as the design is stunning. It will be used as a standard Contemptor here though.

The Emperor Draws Breath – Redemptor Dreadnought – 180pts

As per the Contemptor, the Redemptor is built for dakka (see previous comment on mini guns), with both Gatling cannons taken and I’ve also taken stormbolters as I prefer the range and consistent shots.

The Pillar Endures – Venerable Dreadnought – 155pts

This dread is excellent as it not only gets a 6++ additional save against wounds but ranged shots also hit, as standard, on a 2+. As such I feel it is perfect as a fire base and accordingly, I’ve upgraded it to be armed with a missile launcher and twin las cannon. It’s job will be to sit on one of my home objectives (if there are any…) and just shoot any target of opportunity.

The Ground Trembles – Ironclad Dreadnought – 145pts

The Mountain Comes – Ironclad Dreadnought – 140pts

The Ironclad is hands down my favourite Dreadnought design of all time. I think it’s the even more bulky structure of this, over the other boxanoughts, combined with being able to festoon it with giant missiles. You can also fit it with a giant chainfist, quite possibly the coolest melee weapon in 40K.

So it will be of no surprise to learn that both of mine have chainfists with underslung melta guns. The other arms have been given Hurricane bolters. 6 bolt guns stuck together that fire 12 shots if under half range. Perhaps not the best option but it fits in with the army fluff and rules. One of them had been given a hunter killer, one use, anti-tank missile, as I had a spare 5pts.

The Tranquil Garden – 10 Sternguard – 200pts

These troops are the elite space marines, part of the first company veterans. More often than not, they are found sporting Terminator Armour but here I’m fielding them in normal armour. Stat wise they are the same as Primaris Marines but where they differ is coming with Special Issue bolt guns. These give -2 to armour when shot. I like these guys a lot and always have. They will likely be placed in the Drop Pod to give them deployment flexibility (though they don’t have to be).

Swift Strikes the Thunder – 3 Inceptors – 120pts

When these initially came out, I wasn’t sold on the models. I’m quite fond of the chunky gravis armour but it didn’t seem right allowing them to (for all intents and purposes) fly. Still they fit in with the list, as they have a bucket load of Str 5 bolter shots and are tough to boot. They also provide tactical flexibility as can deep strike.

The Horns Pierce – 3 Suppressors – 100pts

These are again another unit I wasn’t sure about. Mainly due to the ridiculous size of the guns on a flying unit. In some ways it would have made more sense if they were in the chunkier Gravis Armour! However as they are painted and the newest of the toys they were an auto include and the guns have a good range and reasonable combination of shots and damage. They have good mobility too.

Heavy Sounds the Call – 5 Devastators, 4 Lascannons – 150pts

This unit will have the same role as the venerable dread, sitting on a home objective and shooting the shit out of any large opposing targets (well that’s the plan in my head!). Lascannons are out of vogue as the minute with melta preferred. This is more than likely as they still have D6 damage and that can be really swingy. Still they have a great range and with 7 lascannons, overall, in my list, they shouldn’t be too bad.

Glides through the Rain – Drop Pod – 70pts

This was taken primarily as a delivery vehicle for the sternguard but they don’t have to be placed in it and it could be used just as easily, to drop down into the enemy deployment zone in order to get secondary points (if I choose behind enemy lines).

So with the list finalised and submitted, I just need to get in a practice game, if only to get myself more familiar with the rules. In fairness, they aren’t too difficult. It’s not quite AOS/KOW simplicity but it’s not far off and that is probably the beauty of the game, the ease of picking up (and likely why a lot of older players didn’t like the change from 7th to 8th).

10 thoughts on “Toe in the water, 40K again

    1. Cheers. The list probably shows my experience at 40K 😁. The good thing about being in the lower league and my level of experience is that I don’t feel under any pressure to perform and have been able to take pretty much what I want. I’m sure I’ll get trounced in some games but hopefully the list is different enough that people won’t be expecting it.

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  1. Nice army, that’s pretty impressive for stuff you basically had lying around in your house. I fully approve of all the Dreadnoughts; there is nothing cooler than stompy metal death-boxes rampaging across the tabletop.

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