Hobby Update – where to start?

In writing this I realised that I have barely been on WordPress for the last few months and I have a bucketload of content to catch up on!

As ever, work has gotten in the way of any kind of evening life with the hours just killing me recently. However audit is over and I’ve been able to crack on with a few bits and bobs.

Dwarf Gyrocoptor

This will be the 4th Gyro in my collection and the 2nd that I’ve built that can be interchanged between a Gyrocoptor and bomber. The difference between this one and the last, is that I built the front end as a bit of a hybrid with the ‘coptors steam gun but the bombers propellers. The paint scheme was consistent with the others.

Old and new!

Bretonnian Trebuchet

The second warmachine recently painted was a Bret Treb. This was one purchased from Norba Miniatures some time back and is no longer available (at least for the minute). It was a fun model to put together and one of the first I’ve ever painted before construction! (Even I was able to see what a nightmare it would be to paint afterwards!)

It was a totally lazy paint job. Pretty much a one coat using a contrast paint. Still, I was happy with how it came out.

As an aside, it did come with 4 crew but I didn’t think they were great casts and as they are technically just wound counters, they can stay in the bag.

I also have a second treb (also from Norba but an early design). This is currently on the table and is another one that will be missing the crew as frankly their faces are an abomination.

These are the crew for this one. They are ok but lack crisp definition. The sculpts for the next one are terrible, mainly down to their faces.


As I mentioned at the start of the year, I had been eyeing up some trees from KandM trees. I took the plunge and ordered a bag of 4 hedges, 4 medium and 4 large trees, as well as 3 fruit trees.

The service was too notch, as was delivery and they did completely match the trees bought direct from GW in the 90’s (and that plaster their battle reps from the time). I can’t recommend them enough (especially if you don’t have the energy to build your own trees)

The pine, 1 hedge and 1 medium tree are 90’s originals

With the club opening later this month, I’m looking forward to getting in my first game in almost a year. As per last year, you have to bring your own scenery. This has given me the push to paint up a few bits and I started with the GW walls and fences that have been sitting in my box for more than a few years.

I have to say it was pretty therapeutic. They were quick and easy to do and made a nice change from painting figures.

At the end of the month I face my old adversary, Luke so you may even get a battle rep out of me shortly!

18 thoughts on “Hobby Update – where to start?

    1. I’ve added a photo of the crew for you. They are ok with this model but the crew for the other one are terrible the faces are comical. Think of a really bad paint job where someone has tried to paint eyes and screwed them up royally (and on eBay they would list it as pro-painted), together with a child’s depiction of a giant nose and you should get an idea of the faces.

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    1. I have to say the scenery was really quick and easy. Contrast snakebite for all the wood and pretty much just dark grey for the stone with a light dry brush. It’s the quickest thing I’ve probably painted ever. Even by my snail pace it was done in 2 nights

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      1. Slap some Orcs Around it mate, I might just try and scratch build one like it (1/72 ) for the next show and slap it on top of the tower I just built ! Cheers mate for stirring the old grey mater!!

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