Looking back and looking forward.

It around this time of year (or in my case a month after everyone else…) that most of us bloggers do a round up of what was achieved in the year just gone and what they hope to do in the upcoming year and you know what, I’ve never properly done one of these posts. There’s probably a good reason for that, I went back and in 2019 I managed just a paltry 46 models…

I’d try and justify that with 6 of the models were monsters/scenery but the truth is my output was low that year.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised when, upon counting, I’d managed 143 models in 2020. Now compared to some, that output is still quite low but considering everything going on this year (I wasn’t furloughed & also had a new family arrival) I’m chuffed with that output.

It might even be possible that it almost equalled the number of models purchased during the year and you can’t ask more than that!

The year ahead.

I’ve set myself a few hobby goals for this year. All are very achievable at the minute.

1) Keep painting miniatures.

This was always my least favourite part of the hobby but I’ve grown to like it, in part as I use it as a digital detox. It helps that I’ve reached a stage where I’m comfortable with my level of ability (or perhaps effort is closer to the mark). It won’t win awards but neither am I embarrassed with the standard. When you have 10 or so large rank and file armies to churn through (& other assorted models/ranges), then volume becomes more important.

2) Finish my Empire army

When I say finish, what I actually mean is finish buying. This is my next big project. It’s one where I want to ensure I have everything I need before GW discontinues the models. It’s also my single biggest pile of shame. I picked up a good haul of Empire off a club mate and last year added to it considerably. However it is all unbuilt in boxes. This pile will get worse this year as I finish getting the ‘few’ boxes outstanding. It’s not actually too bad. ‘All’ I need is some flagellants, demigryphs and perhaps a luminark. The only wildcard is having to source a War Alter. As it is oop, there is no rush on this.

3) Reduce purchases

This may seem at odds with the previous entry but I’m actually at a stage where I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got (an outrageous statement for us plastic crack addicts, I know!). Most of my armies have the models needed. Sure there are a few bits and pieces I’d like to get but nothing massively pressing on the figure side. What I wouldn’t mind getting is some more scenery but even then, I don’t need much. Perhaps some water features and I was recently sent the link to a company that produces the same style trees that were prevalent in the 90’s GW battle reports. I have a few of the trees and hedges from back in the day but this will allow me to expand them.


4) Sort out a man cave

Ok this translates to a garden room/office/shed. This is a potential at the minute. Due to the way the garden was built and the fact the ground is predominantly clay there are a few hurdles which include pinning to support the room and replacing the fuse board to give additional circuits for outside electrics/fixing the currently broken outside electrics. Yep quite a few things to do before we get to the room stage. Still I remain slightly optimistic.

7 thoughts on “Looking back and looking forward.

    1. Ha ha the buying one is always the most difficult, especially when you ‘discover’ the mortal realms magazine and the wealth of potential cheap models (still it allowed me to tick off one item and that was picking up a set of the GW mausoleum for dirt cheap) and they also dangle the carrot that is the cursed city…


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