Hobby Update – bits and pieces.

It’s again one of those months where the moons have aligned and the omens appeared… or I’ve sat down and gone, I need some room on the board, finish off some of those half completed models why don’t you.

The first on the list are 4 Bretonnian Knights of the Realm. These very much fall under the neglected model title as I’ve had them in a box since the 4th edition fantasy was released in 1992 (edit: as it was pointed out these were in the 5th ed. starter box not the 4th but fear not, I also have the goblins and high elves from the 4th ed. box to paint too!). The eagle eyed will note one was painted a while back but I found the accompanying shields for them so he’s been re-included.

I’ve decided to go with unit colour themes for most of my knights and with these I’ve continued with yellow and black, two colours that I struggle with. I may go back and add striping on the lances to match the original model painted but I’m not sure. At the very least the stripes can mark him out as the unit champion. The one thing I have done for my Bretonnians is to buy magnetic movement trays and magnets to hold the knights to them. I’ve also picked up a 33 litre flat bottom plastic carry box to hopefully fit them all in so when I use them I don’t have to spend time pulling them all out of boxes to set them up. That’s the plan anyway.

This just leaves another 8 of the original models left to go and a gazillion other Bretonnians…

Continuing on the theme of neglected models (though fast forwarding many years), I recently dug out a select few of my Orcs and Goblins. These, in the main, are my oldest models, with many of them purchased during third edition. The model that has just cleared the board is much later than this and was released in 6th edition. That Orc was Grimgor Ironhide, baddest of all the Black Orcs *.

If I’m being honest, he wasn’t the most enjoyable model to paint as he comprises mainly of armour, but that did make him reasonably quick to do. I did experiment with different washes on his armour. Carroburg Crimson to start with for the red tinge but that just didn’t look right. After a quick repaint I then tried Drakenhof Nightshade and although it didn’t quite give it the blue tinge I was hoping for it worked as well as nuln oil does so I left it as is.

* allegedly. As someone who was raised with Morglum Necksnapper as the premier Black Orc, I take a bit of umbrage to this claim and gloss over the end times plot on around the two of them, though I do appreciate that the top dog/Orc is often likely to change due to their nature.

And because I’m on a roll, I’m not quite finished. The final model off the board is this time the Lizardman special character Gor Rok. He is known as the Great Albino Lizard (or something like that). Errmm so in my ‘vision’ he’s picked up a bit of colour somewhere.

I have basically painted him the same as the Scarvet on Carnosaur (from a few posts ago) as I wanted to use him as the foot version for if the Carnosaur was ever shot out from under him. As such I’ll admit I lacked some motivation in painting him and even by my standards I’m not overly happy with him but I am glad to call him done and clear the space off the board.

In other news

I am due to play my first game of triumph and treachery tonight. It’s widely regarded as the best expansion to the Warhammer game and I’ve wanted to play it for an age. With the club Warhammer competition petering out, it seemed a fitting end to get a few players rounds the table for a final huzzah!

I’ve also been buying up quite a few of the older more unique GW kits here and there. I’m expecting the purge of their Warhammer products to continue and after the clusterfuck of their recent last chance to order on dwarves/high elves etc where most had sold out before they were even put on last chance to buy (after all their much vaulted PR on the subject beforehand – ok a bit of bitterness here and I thought they had changed 🙄), I’m getting as much of the missing older stuff I need for my collections sooner rather than later. Rumours on the grapevine say Ogres are up for the cut next but I personally think it will be most of the Dark Elf range (excepting the daughters of Khaine bits) and perhaps some of the vampire range. Thankfully I’ve never really liked (or collected) Dark Elves and bar some of the bigger pieces (Mortis engine/terrorgeist/giant ghoul things) my undead collection is pretty good and hell mantic’s undead range is one of the better ones they sell (though I did splash out on blood dragons as they’ve been on the wish list for a long time).

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