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I’ve got to the stage where I’ve finally used up the free 3 gig of upload space you get with the standard free WP account.

Have any of you upgraded your WP account? If you did, in retrospect, did you find it worthwhile?

If not and you’re in a similar situation as me, how do you upload pictures to your posts?

When posting to forums I now tend to host pictures on Imgur (as like many I used to use a certain other site which then destroyed so many forum threads after it changed it’s policy). I live in fear Imgur might do the same…

Your advice is very much appreciated.



14 thoughts on “Hosting decisions -queries

  1. Great question. As I’m getting closer to the same problem I would be interested to know what advice you receive in due course. The only thing I could think of other than an upgrade would be to delete photos relating to the very old posts. I’m guessing the narrative would still be available and if anyone was really interested you could always put a few back on in response.

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  2. I didn’t even know about this limit! Just checked and I am only at 19%- I obviously need to get blogging more! How much is the upgrade? Depending on cost, if I ever do get there I would probably be tempted to upgrade rather than delete, as it is useful to look back at old posts from time to time.

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  3. I upgrade to a Personal plan for a number of reasons: hosting space is one, getting rid of the bastard ads is another, and a third involves me rather liking the custom .blog url. But I also have all my photos on Google Photos anyway (the phone camera backs up to there), and frankly if Google goes under I suspect society is in the kind of trouble that a few photos of old undead miniatures cannot solve.

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  4. I upgraded simply because I love my blog so was happy to go ahead. I’m on here most days and posting fairly frequently. Simply put, if I was a keen golfer and the club upped their fees every now and then I’d be happy with that.

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  5. One option that might be suitable is a second blog (or even a third) dedicated to specific themes if you have them. A friend hosts his blog as we all do, and posts a link to the other pages when updating something related to that theme. Sci-fi one page. Steam Wars another. You get the idea.

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  6. Wow, good going – I’ve been blogging since the tail end of 2013 and I’ve only used about 20% of my space. I have often considered upgrading though, if you do go for it I’d be interested to hear about how you find it. Otherwise I reckon Steinberg might have the answer with the idea of starting a second blog. You wouldn’t need to even do anything with it, just use it to store images. Make yourself an admin for it and you can upload pictures to its storage, then post them here without even needing to switch accounts.

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  7. I’m very conscious of my space by like Wudugast I’m at around 30% over the past six years, so I haven’t looked too closely at upgrading.

    I suspect the time it would take to go back through your images and shrink the file size of them is worth more to you than the $20 upgrade fee.

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  8. Thanks for all the replies. I think you hit the nail on the head dave. And conveniently WP sent through a discount voucher about 2 days after this! So upgrade I did, just to the cheapest option that doubled the storage. I now also have access to different designs so I may also have a play with these.

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  9. Going forward I think it’s worth looking into image compression so you don’t run out of space too quickly again. Reducing a jpg from maximum to high quality settings can easily reduce the file size by 2/3 without any discernible difference for on-screen viewing. In terms of dimensions, the width for landscape images I am going with is 1280 pixels. This gives me a file size of about 500 KB per image.

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  10. I ran out of space after about 8 or 9 years and decided by that point that it was worth it to pay the (frankly fairly tiny) cost to WordPress to extend the hosting capacities. Others have noted various other options but for me the simplicity of just having it all work with no extra effort was acceptable. And lets face it; if we were really on straitened budgets we’d find cheaper hobbies than buying little dollies and painting them to show off to the rest of humanity (or at least, that minute corner of it who stumbles across our minority-interest ramblings).

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