Hobby Update – Grudge Thrower

I’ve been very quiet on the hobby front of late, that isn’t to say that I haven’t been beavering away but my output has been more about gaming and writing up reports than painting.

Although my painting has been limited I have managed to finish assembling and priming around 2,500pts of Lizardmen, so i’ve not been totally idle!

Determined not to let another month go by without finishing a model, I did knuckle down and finish off the last of my unpainted, static, dwarven warmachines.

This was in the form of the Grudge Thrower (or Catapult to you and I). I once again painted the crew in matching colours, but different to the crew of the other warmachines (the idea is each crew are easily recognisable to the general based on clothing colour). The grudge thrower itself was a finecast model and is slightly warped. Based on this, I can understand the distaste that many have for GW’s range in this material.


Using the Grudge Thrower in game

This is often thought of as one of the holy trinity of dwarf warmachines that you should always take (the other 2 being the cannon and organ gun). I will say it’s rare I field it, if only because it has up until now, not been painted! I also don’t like loading up too much with warmachines as gunlines are boring to play against!

That said it is probably the most versatile of the machines. The ability to both cause a Strength 9 hit with D6 wounds at the centre of the template and Strength 3 on everything else even partially under the template. As an added bonus you can even try and hit things that are hidden from view (though it always scatters in this situation).

Where dwarf warmachines excel is their ability to buff themselves with runes and this one is no exception. The 3 which are highly recommended are the:

  • Runes of Forging – allows you to re-roll the artillery dice (to prevent misfires or change the scatter distance) – 25pts
  • Rune of Accuracy – allows you to re-roll the scatter dice (to boost the chance of a direct hit) – 25pts
  • Rune of Penetrating – Increases the strength of the hits by +1 – 40pts

Out of the 3, the +1 strength is the auto take for me. S10 on the central hole is good but it’s the S4 on the other hits that is the money shot. It allows you to devastate toughness 3 elves and the like and give a 50% shot of killing most other higher toughness infantry.

Forging and then Accuracy are useful and if you have the points take them as they really make the catapult deadlier but the misfire chart for non black powder weapons is fairly forgiving so you can chance not taking forging if you want to save points.

The above aren’t the only runes available, you can give it flaming attacks to deal with regenerating critters, though it’s more common to give that to cannons.

One trick is to place the grudge thrower far on a flank and stick a rune of immolation on it. It’s range means it can still hit most things and due to the threat, an opponent must divert something to neutralise it. If it is destroyed (or at a moment of your choosing), you can cause it to explode, inflicting 2D6 strength 4 hits on anything in base contact. That is funny but is a waste of the warmachine. If doing this, I like to combine it with a small unit of 10 Quarrellers or Thunderers as a guard. These shooters will easily tackle the normal light cavalry sent to take out the warmachine and will mean your opponent will have to divert something more substantial. If they do this then they are not concentrating on your main battle line which is never a bad thing.

8 thoughts on “Hobby Update – Grudge Thrower

  1. Lovely painting. It has been so good to watch your painting skills improve as you post on this blog.

    I have to say that having played as Beastmen for most of 8th edition I really hated the change to artillery rules that made them laser-guided killing machines on my big infantry blocks (or monsters in the case of cannons).

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  2. This is a damn good format for the “been painting” style of post, which I shall of course be ripping off shamelessly now that you’ve brought it to my attention.

    Chalk me up as another dissatisfied customer at the “ten from the back” cannon emporium. I’d have loved to actually try out Coven Thrones, Mortis Engines and Terrorgheists but a) I was skint and b) I played against Empire a lot…


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