Riotville 2019 part 1

It’s been so long since I’ve been to a Warhammer event, that was not related to the club, that I’ve completely forgotten when it actually was! When one of the blogs I follow ( announced they would be holding another event and knowing that my wife seriously owed me for a certain Sunday Drinking event, I jumped on the chance to attend.

The day was filled with great looking armies

Riotville isn’t a tournament per-say but more of an all day 8th edition ‘game-a-thon’, an excuse to get a bunch of gamers together. The only restrictions to the day were official 8th ed. armies, an 1,800pt limit and 25% Lord/Heroes allowance.

An extremely hung over Lano, defending his Vampiric lands from one of three Dwarven armies to take the field.
Luke once again bought forth his brightly coloured oldhammer warriors

With my normal exuberance to the art of list building, I reeled our half a dozen lists for Wood Elves, Beastmen and even considered dusting off the haughty High Elves from the depths of the shed! (I discounted Dwarves, knowing at least two other players were bring them). The points cap really made this a fun, if slightly frustrating experience, as it really limited the options you could bring (which after speaking to Mike, was the whole point of it, I liked it a lot!).

So after the lists started getting a little bit too outlandish, I dialed them back somewhat and settled on the following:

The Herd of Bashor the Bloody

Bashor (General) – Beastlord – The Brass Cleaver, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation, Potion of Strength, Heavy Armour, Razorgor Chariot – 396pts

Zhurock the Mighty (BSB) – Wargor – Heavy Armour, Shield, Gnarled Hide, Beast Banner – 206pts

Wazzock the Lame – Bray Shaman, Level 2 Lore of Beasts, Dispel Scroll, Additional hand weapon – 142pts

38 Gor – FC, Additional hand weapon – 329pts

30 Bestigor – FC, Banner of Eternal Flame – 400pts

Tuskgor Chariot – 80pts

Tuskgor Chariot – 80pts

5 Harpies – 55pts

Razorgor – 55pts

Razorgor – 55pts

Total – 1798pts

For those that read the blog, you might recognise this as a very similar list to the one used in the EEFL ashes game vs GrandmasterWang.

Bashor once again takes to the field on his mighty razorgor chariot. His equipment was slightly changed with the main difference being the potion of strength to give him a hard hitting one turn of combat. Is it sensible to take your general (one that is so crucial to getting the most out of the Beastmen army) and making him stick out like a sore thumb? Very likely not but I was still going to do it but I did cave a bit at the last minute and gave him a Charmed Shield due to a last minute panic about cannons!

The rest of the list was a fairly standard faire with a large block of Gor, in horde formation, to maximise attacks. They would be backed up by the BSB giving them the crucial +1 to strength. The only difference with him was for once he actually got the gnarled hide to give him a 2+ save.

After switching backwards and forwards a few times, the Bestigor were given the banner of eternal flame, to give them flaming attacks, rather than the standard of Discipline (that gives +1 LD). I figured that as the general wasn’t in the unit, they might actually need to use his leadership at some point (and the standard would prevent that).

The only other difference was the harpies made a come back. A small unit of 5 included to give a fast moving threat.

Riotville 2019

So with the list chosen, all that was left to do was get to The Red House pub in North East London (a far easier prospect than I initially thought as I’d driven past the place on numerous journeys without realising) and meet up with the rest of the chaps.

The set up was 5 tables in the upstairs room/gallery of the pub. Mike (with possibly help from his regular players) had bought along all the tables/mats and a hefty amount of scenery so the tables all looked great and after sitting down for a healthy full English with a number of the players everyone decided who they’d like to play (there was no formal structure on this).

My first game had all ready been pre-booked as although Greg and Luke from the club had also travelled up, I also knew that a member of the EEFL forum, Sedge was attending with his superbly painted Dwarves, so I took the opportunity to ‘Grudge’ him for the first match (I’ll cover games in a later post). My second game was against Lee and (again) a beautifully painted army of Bretonnians. I was really pleased with this matchup as I’d been admiring the army on the Riotville blog a few days before the day and knew I had to get some shots of it and this gave an opportunity to do so, whilst in action in a great thematic game against my Beasts.

Obviously not the Bretonnians but Mikes great Ogres

The day was great fun with an abundance of great painted armies, laughs and chilled players. The only bummer of the day was having to bail early due to child commitments. Still, hopefully next year I’ll be able to swing the whole day.

5 thoughts on “Riotville 2019 part 1

    1. It was definitely the best watch tower game I’ve ever had. It’s made me want to play it more (I’m sure I’ll be disappointed in other games). The Knights well and truly has the lady blessing their ward saves, Lee definitely had ‘hot dice’ that game. Loved every moment though, it really did bring together everything I love about this game and why I’ll be playing it for years.


  1. Those are certainly some nicely painted armies. It sounds like a fun day; I have to admit I’m a little surprised at how popular specific editions of Warhammer have become. I’m aware of the Oldhammer and Middlehammer movements, but I’ve not heard previously of anyone going back only as far as 8th edition. On the other hand, that is my favourite version of the game so it’s probably a good choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve found that there is still quite a reasonable following of 8th and there are still a fair few events going on (though of a smaller size). Although AoS has a great following, we’ve found a number of players have come back to 8th (whether from 9th age/AoS or just from an extended rage quit hiatus). I’m not sure where you are based but there is a reasonable community in fife. 6th seems to be making a real comeback too and I can understand that, as there were a lot of great expansion releases during that edition with great fluff and even the army books had several variant lists In them to give it great variety. In some ways I find it a natural progression of 3rd. I suspect it boils down to the interest in a specific area though. Games seem to be far more chilled now too, even at events. That helps a lot.


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