Rumble in the SELWG Jungle – 2018-19 club competition pt 1

I’ve again stepped up to run the warhammer fantasy competition at the club and although it officially started a few weeks ago, I’ve been rubbish at posting anything about it. This post will cover some of the comp pack and thoughts behind it. The next few posts will cover the Scenarios and Strategy cards

Knowing that, for the last 5 years, list choices have been heavily comp’ed at the club, I decided to go a slightly different route. This was also influenced in part by watching a number of the Malorian and Once Bitten (both in my opinion are legends) fantasy battle reports of some US GT’s on you tube. In particular, the Brawler Bash caught my eye.

For those who haven’t seen Brawler Bash, it is slightly different from other GT’s as the bulk of the points come from killing your opponents army. You can get bonus points from scenario objectives and play strategy cards that give you both a chance to score additional points (as well as giving you unique bonuses to your army).

I won’t beat about the bush, this year, I pretty much plagarised the entire comp pack from the 2014 Brawler Bash GT rules. I did add in a number of the house rules from last year and a few additional rules for Beastmen, TK’s and Bretonnians. I also had to create an additional scenario and strategy card in order for it to work in our comp as in the brawler GT entrants play 5 games and the scenarios are fixed for each game. As I had 7 entrants and had decided to run them in one group, I needed a 6th so that the scenarios could be diced off.

31. Turn 3 - Beast
Face off vs Neil’s Lizards in the last comp

Game Format and Scoring

All scoring is done via Victory points.

Victory points are awarded through wiping out units, capturing standards etc. as per the BRB.

In addition:

Units that are at 25% or less of their original models yield 50% VPs to the opponent

Units that are fleeing at the end of the battle yield 50% VPs to the opponent.

Characters and single models that have half or less wounds remaining at the end of the battle give up 50% VPs.

Ridden monsters give up separate VPs (i.e. if you kill just the monster you score the monsters VPs but not the riders and vice versa). In both cases, bonuses (for generals, banners, etc.) are not counted towards the 50%.

Units that are both: fleeing and at/below % strength still only yield 50% VPs.

Any unit that is off the table at the end of the game for any reason, counts as destroyed.

Fully Painted Army +750 VP’s per game

Bonus Victory points are also available for completing Scenarios and from Strategy cards.

Army Lists

Each Army must be no more than 2500 points. These lists will be checked and cleared by an adjudicator and will be open to all once cleared.

  • No End Times Rules or Armies (except where stated in this document).
  • No Allies may be taken.
  • Wizards must use the same magic lore that they started the competition with throughout the competition. However, wizards that are allowed to generate spells from multiple magic lore’s are allowed to do so. For example, Skaven wizards that are allowed to generate spells from either Plague & Ruin before each game will be allowed to.
  • No Forge World rules/stat lines apart from Chaos Dwarfs.
  • A unit cannot exceed 45 wounds in total at any point (this includes embedded characters/mounts etc).
  • The following special characters are not allowed:
  • Valten
  • Malekith,
  • Morathi
  • Hellebron
  • Teclis
  • Allarielle
  • Epidemius
  • Kairos
  • Throgg
  • The competition will allow players to take up to 50% Lord and Hero allowance as specified in the GW 1.9 Errata, with the exceptions of:
  • 2017/18 Semi-finalists and finalists can only take up to 25%

 In addition, the following rules apply to the following armies:


  • May select Marks of Chaos for their units as described in The End Times: Archaon.
  • Beastmen Ambush works in the same way as ambush in the BRB.
  • Ghorgons gain a 4+ scaly skin save.


  • The following Bretonnian units/options gain the Devastating Charge special rule: Lord, Paladin, Knights of the Realm, Knights Errant, Questing Knights, Pegasus Knights and Grail Knights.
  • In additional if any of the above entries charge and a roll of 10+ is made, the front rank/model will gain impact hits (1). These are resolved at S5.
  • Remove the 0-1 selection limit to the following units: Grail Reliquae, Pegasus Knights and Grail Knights.

Tomb Kings:

  • If the Tomb King’s Hierophant dies and the army contains another Liche (or High Liche) Priest with the Lore of Nehekharan, then an initial crumble test is taken as normal but no crumble test need be taken on each consecutive turn as he seizes control of the army. This can continue (with a test being taken each time the new Hierophant dies) until no more Hierophants with the Lore of Nehekharan remain, at which point the ‘crumble test’ is taken every turn, as per the army rule book. (This works in exactly the same manner as in the Vampire Counts book in case I messed up the description, except of course, it’s based on a different lore).
6 Beast deploy
The herd of Khazbar step up to the fray

FAQ / Errata / House Rules

The current GW FAQ and Errata will apply.

  • Unmodified leadership is the highest leadership in the unit, but not including Inspiring Presence, although BSB re-roll allowed.
  • Look out Sir’s allowed against Dwellers, Dreaded 13th & Final transmutation, providing there are enough rank & file in the unit see P93.
  • High magic Lore “Drain Magic” does not affect Plague of Rust, Wither, or similar non Remains in Play spells that are in place for the remainder of the game.
  • Storm banner – rolled for at the beginning of each players turn by the Skaven player.
  • A unit may not swift reform and move into a building in the same movement phase.
  • Only 1 method of augmenting Channelling may be used at a time, e.g. a wizard bearing a Channelling Staff within 6” of Arcane Ruins can use the extra dice from the Ruins or +1 from the Staff, not both.
  • Only 2 dice can be carried over from any source
  • Maximum of 12 dice per magic phase. This includes dice carried over.
  • An augmented/hexed unit that “borrows” a stat from another model/unit still has to apply the augment/hex value to the new stat.
  • The free pivot (of up to 90 degrees) available during a charge can only be used to avoid intervening terrain and/or units, not to change the final orientation of the charging unit.
  • Open ground is considered terrain for the purpose of spells but does not have any effect on normal movement.
  • Buildings can hold up to 20 ‘wounds’ of models and are two stories.
  • A single rank of models can never be steadfast, unless another special rule imposes this (i.e. Stubborn)

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