Hobby and General update

Greetings. After a period of inactivity, I’m back!

Where have I been? Moving bloody house. I can honestly say buying in England is one of the slowest, most drawn out processes you can imagine, mired in rules that probably harken back to ye olden days. Seriously though, this whole area needs a serious shake up, at the very least a financial penalty for anyone who pulls out of a sale. Based on my experience over the last 12 months I feel sorry for anyone who is part of a chain. I even had someone tell me it will be sorted out once we leave the EU. What the hell has that got to do with it? Scotland already have a better system and they are part of the UK!!! Anyway enough of me ranting, I OWN A HOUSE! I’m pleased as punch and thought I’d share it and as a reflection of that I thought I’d post the view of Blackheath Fireworks, two days after I moved in, taken from my skylight window (that turns into a frickkin balcony when it opens!! Seriously a balcony. It’s genius).

This video doesn’t exist

We did find one small problem with the house, it had no TV antenna. This meant I was reduced to watching the only dvds I was able to find at short notice. The Wedding Singer (great movie) and the entire back catalog of Peppa Pig (shoot me but at least my daughter was happy).

Anyway, I finally managed to find some of my painting stuff after a superb (not!) bit of box labelling by myself (not helped by it sitting underneath a mountain of other boxes) and have managed to start and finish a paltry single character. Still it’s a start and coincidentally it’s the one model I needed to complete for the potential dwarf list I’m looking at entering for our club competition (as normal I am toying with a number of lists and armies). I’ll cover the lists in a different post as I appreciate the majority of viewers are likely more interested in viewing eye candy goodness (ish…) than my list ramblings.

Well, now my verbal diarrhea has run its course (who am I joking, I have a months worth of drivel to spew forth) I should get back on topic. The model, what is this model? Grimm Burloksson or Grimm son of Burlok. The son of the legendary dwarf engineer Burlok Damison (one of the named characters originally in the 4th edition dwarf army book). Burlok was known as a bit of a rogue who managed to blow up his arm in an engineering accident and replaced it with a steam powered prosthetic. After that he confirmed with the guild guidelines but his son is known to have followed in his early footsteps and skirts a dangerous line with the guild. Although he still has both arms, he’s augmented one of them with a similar device as his father giving him boosted strength and is renowned at making dwarf artillery and gunnery even better than it is renowned to be. He is also one of the few instances I’m aware of, where a family connection continues in character progression between editions.

I’ve owned the model for an age but never fancied painting it before. The comp’ gave me the push to do so and I kept fairly true to the ‘official’ GW picture colour. The model was actually easy to paint, surprisingly so and is probably one of my favourites of the 8th edition character releases.

As I normally forget what I have done, I’m going to take a leaf out of other blogs and note the colours etc. so I have a record of it if needed!

Primed – white


Base coat – Abaddon black

Layer – Ironbreaker

Wash – Nuln Oil

Layer – Ironbreaker

Detail – Balthasar Gold


Base – Kabalite Green

Wash – Athonian Camoshade

Layer – warp stone Glow

Random bits

Axe shaft – Warlock Purple (as if I wouldn’t sneak a bit in somewhere!)

Wash – Carroburg Crimson

Targeting Reticle – Warpstone Glow

Highlight – moot green


Loren forest (if I had goblin green I’d use it, hey it was my era!!)

It’s good to be back (and have TV and internet again!).

4 thoughts on “Hobby and General update

  1. Very nice mate and good luck with the competition. As for moving in the UK it is without a doubt a complete farce. Simplest move I ever had was a company move. They bought my existing one and I bought a new one effectively making me a cash buyer, not even in a chain and the bloody process was still a nightmare! Oh, and welcome back!

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