Hobby update – Wood elves and Bretonnians

With my move (hopefully) happening soon, I’ve been trying to clear my painting board beforehand. The last two pieces on it? I’m pleased to say I’ve finished (more or less).

The first is my wood elf bsb. I attempted some thing new for him, a bit of freehand on the banner. It was meant to be a tree but frankly the trunk ended up a bit botched. Still it’s a first for me and I’m going to try and replicate it (and improve it) on the back of the banner.

The second item was something that has sat unfinished for a good number of months. Mainly as I wasn’t sure how to do the detail I wanted. In the end I bought a black fine line pen to mark out the pattern and once that was done I filled it in with paint, though after reorganising my paints I initially did it in Caliban green and had to go over it in black. The bad thing was I didn’t even realise I was painting green not black at the time!

To break up the yellow, I then attempted my seconded bit of freehand in as many models and did the stripping round the lance. Not perfect in any sense but still I’m not disappointed in it.

I just need to remember where I’ve put the shields.

9 thoughts on “Hobby update – Wood elves and Bretonnians

      1. I don’t wear glasses normally, but have a couple pair of cheap (reading) glasses for doing mini painting. Not sure what I would do without them now. I figure it’s going to magnify my mistakes so much, that the mini will look almost decent when I snap a pic of it.

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  1. They both look good. I particularly like how smoothly you’ve done the yellow on the horse’s coat.

    For the striping on the lance, I’ve heard of people (more skilled than me) using tape to mark out the space where the stripe should go – that way if you go over the line then it is just on the removable tape anyway.

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    1. Cheers. One part of the horse is a slightly different tone as I layered a lighter yellow over it (following a guide) but I didn’t like the look so went back over that to try and replicate the initial effect but it didn’t quite match the rest (probably only noticeable close up).

      A couple of guys did recommend using tape but I just barrelled ahead without in my normal manner 🤦‍♂️.


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