Hobby Update – Wood Elves

I’m starting to get the hang of Azael’s challenges now. Randomly half paint a bucket load of things, wait for the next challenge and then finish them off in the first few days of the month!

Ok that’s not quite what happened here but happily enough I finished off a squad of models tonight, that I’d been working on, in preparation for our next competition.

The Kurnoth Hunters are by far my favourite model to have been released since AOS came out. I heard a story that the design had actually be done towards the end of 8th edition/during end of times but the decision had been made or to release it at that point. I’m not sure of the truth of that but either way they are sweet models and I am more than happy to field them as Treekin. They will be joining my two old Marauder treemen and original Durthu model to form a 6 strong unit.

I will have to credit Turkaldactyle for the blossom colour inspiration and he has done a far better paint job than me but I’m still pleased with how they turned out, especially the swords (though as ever as soon as I took pictures, I couldn’t but help note bits I want to go back and do, such as the fungus on the champions body etc.).

9 thoughts on “Hobby Update – Wood Elves

  1. Great work – the colours work really well. These (and the bow versions) are some figures I’ve wanted to get for some time but haven’t gotten around to yet (still!) Please get a group photo of the unit up when you have a chance and link back to the Challenge page, so I can get them all together properly in the round-up!

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  2. Very nice, BttH! What browns did you use for them? The purple to pink blooms are really sweet.

    Isn’t that the truth about these challenges though, haha! Whatever I don’t get done in a given month, gets earmarked for a chance to get completed in an upcoming challenge. So, it all works out, and gives me more stuff to work with! 😉

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    1. I kept it very simple and started out with Gorthor brown, gave in a wash with nuln oil and then did quite a heavy dry brush of Tuskgor Fur.
      The ‘blossom’ was xerus purple, screamer pink and then emperor’s children.
      I’m glad you asked as would have totally forgotten later on!

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