Hobby Update – Ironbreakers

I’ve again hit one of those periods where a number of the projects on the board seem to be coming to fruition.

I’ll admit that some needed to, as it had gotten to the stage where I almost couldn’t fit anymore on it and models were in danger of falling off when I carried it around! That’s what you get for dabbling with so many projects, you never seem to complete any (I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere…).

Anyway with 9 completed Ironbreakers, this takes my unit up to 29 models a decent size, especially with how durable they are on the field. The main issue is I put a lot more detail (for me) into the models and painted the shields with silver trimming rather than the gold used for the other 20, which means I’ll now have to go back and do the same with them. Bugger.

The final model was an alternative champion for the Irondrakes and/or the Ironbreakers, armed with duel drake pistols. I’m not happy with how the pistols turned out so will be looking to do something further with them.

Edit: straight after posting this I noted bits of detailing I blatantly missed. Don’t you just hate it when that happens!

13 thoughts on “Hobby Update – Ironbreakers

  1. That’s a great feeling, when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Great job, man! Those are some cool looking minis and I like the paint scheme.


    1. Very kind. I just can’t match the crispness that many painters have. I’m starting to think I need a giant magnifier with a light round the outside to see clearly to do the detail lines (though having a steady hand might also help).

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      1. The photos certainly make them look nice and crisp so I think you might be being harsh on yourself. As for a magnifier, I took up wearing a head visor some years ago when my eyesight started to go. That together with an angle poise lamp was the best thing I did. If I’m happy with what I do using the visor then generally they look OK to the naked eye.

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