Hobby Update – Slayers

After being asked to write a comprehensive guide to the 8th Edition dwarf army book for the forum, I’m feeling a great deal of love for the stunties at present. Enough that, when taking some pictures of some of my collection to add to the posts, I realised just how badly painted (or perhaps I should say how quickly painted) some of them were!

As such, I revisited more than a couple to add more detail. I might post some of the others once they are redone but this post is about the slayers, namely Ungrim Ironfist and generic Daemonslayer no.1.

I’m still not happy with their weapons so need to decide what to do about those.

6 thoughts on “Hobby Update – Slayers

  1. Yeah, you can see how well the beards, hair and cloaks have come up here. I’d go bright for the weapons – dwarves look after their gear, after all. If you get these two done in time, I can add them to the Jewel of July post as well! 🙂

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