Hobby Update – Space Marine Aggressors

I am on FIRE this month. Three hobby updates in as many days, you must be wondering what they’ve put in my water!

Ok it’s not that impressive as most of these miniatures have been worked on over the last month or so and not finished due to flitting from one set of models to another and I’ve now had a bit of time (and motivation) to finish them off.

I last posted 40k models back in November and despite my growing interest, I’ve still yet to have gotten a game in of 8th ed.

I have to say I really quite like the Aggressor models. They have a really solid feel to them and on the field, the number of shots they can put out, backed up with power fists, seem to be a good combo. I suspect they are still too fragile though as they don’t have many wounds so sheer rate of fire would likely be enough to bring them down.

I’ve kept with the plain green colour scheme of my Chapter, building on the dreadnought paint job and pretty much just using silver to offset it. I must say I like the simple contrast much more than the lighter green highlights used on my tester miniature. I am now going to go back and revisit the Dreadnoughts to add similar touches.

I did start with some middenland tufts as something different (using them for the first time), before adding my normal static grass to the base but all the tufts did were add a slight variation in colour rather than stand out like I hoped. I get the impression that they are best used on, say, a plainer base to add variation. Still, you live and learn. One thing that I was pleasantly surprised at, was the tufts are applied like stickers. I don’t know why but I had been expecting to have to glue them to the models base myself.

9 thoughts on “Hobby Update – Space Marine Aggressors

  1. I agree, the aggressors are very interesting, though my point of view is from facing rather than running them. I like them because they seem very solid without being OP for what they cost.

    Used against me, they’ve been good at keeping HQ’s from being overwhelmed by bodies, curbing my tendency to charge in blobs of troops and then pile in and consolidate my way to victory or at least tie-up over the next couple of turns. Plus, as you say, with the power fists they can damage tough stuff as well as putting out a lot of fire.

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  2. This trio looks great. I’m sorely tempted to start on my own after seeing yours painted up, despite trying not to start new stuff till I get a bit more old stuff completed. They look very cool indeed, and the orange shoulder really pops on them.

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    1. Cheers bud, I know what you mean about the old stuff first but decided they were something completely different to my normal fare and I tried to go with a simple yet striking scheme and have to say I’m really pleased with it. I do love the imperial fists and Templars scheme so one day will definitely try those.

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    1. The tufts have some solid glue on them so they won’t be coming off any time soon. The static grass is simple for my style of basing (lazy) as you just paint the base with glue, cover with grass and press down. Then tap off any excess. Some modellers then say to gently blow on it so the grass stands up but is only do this if you are using longer grass. It does have a tendency to moult though so my boxes tend to gather a layer of grass after a while.

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