Bloodbowl – Selecting a team

Bloodbowl is by far my favourite GW ‘board game’ of all time. In the last 3 or so years alone I’ve racked up hundreds of hours of play, however I’ve not touched my figures or the board. This is because I’ve been playing it online instead. This has mainly been down to convenience. My club time is limited and so it’s far easier to log on and find a game this way. Whilst this is fun, it’s not the same and so I will be entering the blood bowl league. This will likely mean skipping this years Kings of War comp but I think it will be worth it.

So with this in mind, I dug all the (mainly) 3rd Edition models I could find (and the game) and bought them up to town.

As much as I love the 2nd ed. board, it is considerably narrower and so that and the box were left at home.

I don’t own a profusion of teams as some didn’t interest me, so what are my options?

Human – The jack of all trades team. They aren’t outstanding at one area but are pretty good in all of them. I still love the sculpts (with perhaps the exception of the blitzers) and also have an addition 4 metal human sculpts and an original Ogre, to go with the box set.

Wood elf – Probably the team I’ve played the least but I love the models (which I believe are more of Jes Goodwins). They were part painted and I’ve primed them for a repaint. This probably the team I’m least likely to go with.

Undead – There are several flavours of undead teams (khemri, vampire etc) but I have the original mixed team, with Mummies, ghouls, wights etc. They are very fun to play and have a wide range of quality (or not) available to be fielded, from total shite (zombies) to solid blockers and blitzers. They have the added advantage of being able to ‘recruit’ opposing players killed and almost never dying (or permanently falling apart) themselves. They are definitely a contending team entrant.

Orc – I really like the Orc team. They are a tougher version of humans. More armoured on average but not quite as flexible. I’ve had some great success with the team and have just gotten the new troll (as I couldn’t find my old one). I just need a Goblin or two to round out the team. These are a potential contender as the team, as I know them reasonably well and enjoy using them, however they come as standard in the new box, so I’m not sure if a number of players will be using them and I have a penchant for using teams/armies that others don’t, if only to add variety.

Norse – These were one of the newer teams before GW re-released the game (that still makes them, damn, maybe 15 years old?). They have all the flexibility of the standard human team, with throwers, catchers etc. but almost every player has the block skill. If they don’t have that, then they have at least a strength of 4 and frenzy. That is my kind of team. Where they fall down is having low armour. Still I like the fluff of having a bunch of raving nutters (more so than even the average player), on the pitch. As you may of guessed, at present, this is looking to be my number one team choice. I’ve even ordered 3 players I’m missing, 2 Ulfwerner from a company in Spain and a Snow Troll from Italy!

A yet to be purchased team. There is however still a chance of throwing in a wildcard. Black Scorpion Miniatures sell a range of teams at a reasonable price. I can’t comment on quality (having not bought any myself, though I know a few players who love them) however many of their sculpts look fantastic. They sell a great looking Greek themed human team and I also like their Amazons but the one that caught my eye was the new halflings releases, with their Knight helmets. They just look amazeballs! (I will add that I’ve seen similar halflings elsewhere but these just had a crisper feel). The only issue is, even with 2 treeman on the team, they will get butchered. But they look so pretty 😉.


3 thoughts on “Bloodbowl – Selecting a team

  1. I haven’t played Blood Bowl since probably the 1990’s, when I played in a league a friend was doing. I remember enjoying playing Skaven. I vaguely remember having a receiver who was really good not so much from skill but because he had four arms and two heads, though perhaps I’m remembering it wrong.

    Anyway, I was curious, do people still play Skaven?

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  2. I love playing the Undead. I had a team of them in our league and they were great. I’ve always wanted to play Orcs for a season, but haven’t used them much. I like the options with that team; trolls, goblins, etc.

    I’m currently playing online through Fumbbl. I have an Elven Union team, Brettonian (different than the Cyanide one), and a Khemri team on our little league. All teams that I haven’t had experience with. They are all pretty fun in their own ways.

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