SELWG – Bloodbowl League

One of the chaps at the club has kindly stepped up to run the first Bloodbowl league at the club in a number of years. Draft rules (based on the latest GW set and Deathzone expansions) are on his blog.

via SELWG BloodBowl 2018 League

This now means I have two additional systems to commit to (or try again) in the new year: Bloodbowl and 40k.

More on Bloodbowl to come…

10 thoughts on “SELWG – Bloodbowl League

      1. I tend to play them as you would a normal human team although a much more aggressive version. With so much frenzy, it’s easier to knock unsuspecting opponents into the crowd. Guard (or armour if you get the choice) is a primary skill on lineman. Throwers are just like


      2. That is true, the lack of armour can be a real killer (sry couldn’t resist) so expect casualties but block does help offset this more than you might expect. Imight be repeating myself but Guard is high on the list for linemen, as their 1st upgrade, whereas tackle is normal for a backstop thrower.

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