Hobby Update – Ungor Raiders

With my first competition game on Friday, I realised I needed to pull my finger out and ensure my entry was fully painted to garner the bonus points for each game.

So I present 10 Ungor Raiders. I’ll try and fully finish them before Friday as there are some details I want to do on them still (nose rings etc.). However in terms of the competition they are good enough as have at minimum 7-9 basic colours used + 2 different washes + a drybrush. 



So with these done, my competition entry is fully painted.

This now leaves me with the following remaining Beastmen to paint until the army is complete (or until I buy anymore…):


2 Minotaurs

Minotaur Standard bearer

Wargor BSB


I may not do these at present, as I’m getting the wood elf painting itch again. 

However, when I drove through Tewksbury the other weekend I noted the town was infested with coats of arms on half the buildings. I, of course, had to stop every hundred metres to take photos (accompanied by much eye rolling from the wife) and inspired by the designs and colour schemes, I stopped off at my parents to collect one of my original 5th ed. Bretonnian Knights from storage. Could this be the start of a new army? We’ll have to wait and see. 

3 thoughts on “Hobby Update – Ungor Raiders

    1. I wanted to get them for ages but I feel you need a certain level of painting skill to pull the army off. It’s probably the one army where you are justified making every model (at least the knight), a work of art. Im not at that level yet, mainly as I don’t have the patience. Still we’ll see if I can’t do something beyond my normal level on the test piece.
      There are currently two stunningly painted units on eBay but as you’d expect at stupid prices.

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      1. I had them when I was a kid and kind of learned to paint using them 🙂 they were like Grade 1 painting practice haha. I was still really rubbish when I moved from them to Nurgle, but then had instore lessons to improve. Now I am at table quality, but I will never win a Golden Demon.

        Ebay units are always insane prices – plus half the fun is painting them yourself 🙂

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