Hobby update – The herd is close to completion.

Close to completion. Those are words I never thought I’d say. I suppose I should clarify that. Of the Beastmen models I currently own, I have left to paint:

10 Ungor Raiders

2 GW Minotaurs

And to both build and paint:

1 Mierce Minotaur Standard

1 Mierce Gor Standard (probably to be used as the bsb).

This then is likely to be my first ever ‘completed’ army. It doesn’t sound natural saying that and to be fair there are still additions I’d like to add, another 10 Gor, 10 Ungor Raiders, Razorgor chariot etc. But that is something for a later date. 

But I digress (no surprise there…), this post is about the latest updates. In particular, about the models I need to complete for the club comp’ in order to garner maximum points.

So last night, I finished off 16 Bestigor (taking the total to 40 in all and Bashor the Bloody, the Beastlord General. So now I just need to now complete the 10 Ungor to get the bonus points per game.

The Bestigor match the scheme already painted. I put in a bit more effort on the lord. His hair will make him stand out from the rest of the herd and that is emphasised by him appropriating the most unique cloth for his outfit (from the body of a Bretonnian Knight he had slain). The hair was too bright (even after the red wash), as was the tabard, so I liberally applied nuln oil to both to ‘dirty them’.

One thing I have decided is the armour on the Bestigor is way too pristine so I need to add some sort of rust or other effect. If anyone can advise a simple method, it would be appreciated. (Edit: And as normal, once I posted the photos, I realised I hadn’t given the wood items a wash so will go back and do that!).

3 thoughts on “Hobby update – The herd is close to completion.

    1. Cheers bud. Obviously finished is a subjective term. Most of it is just tabletop standard but I do want to go back and at least give the 60 rank and file Gor a drybrush and the two centre piece Ghorgon Monsters need some attention, they are just too uniformly brown. Either way once the Ungor are done, I’ll put up a post showing the army in its entirety.


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