SELWG 2017 Warhammer Competition Kicks Off!

As well as the game against Paul on Friday, the draw was also made for the groups in the competition.

With a last bit of recruitment on the Friday, I managed to get the numbers up to 16 which allowed 4 groups of 4.

The draw was made by the independent adjudicator: Cormac. After the draw (very low tech – names from a bag) the groups looked like this:

Group Split - 9.9.17

You will note that some entrants already have points for early submission of their lists. Alex (group D) was the person who was recruited on Friday, hence no army type is noted (though it will likely be filthy High Elves!).

Overall, we have a really good spread of armies in the competition, with 12 of the 16 possible options taken (we are missing: Ogres, Tomb Kings, Daemons and Wood Elves).

All army lists have been uploaded to the club forums (with a small delay on Group D so not to give Alex an unfair advantage).

Group A – Drakwald

Group B – Asuryan

Group C – Zorn Uzkul

Group D – Hellpit

For a reminder of the comp rules and restrictions see the earlier posts.

  1. Points and Secondary Objectives
  2. Scenarios
  3. Army Lists and Restrictions
  4. Terrain


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