If you go down to the coast today, you’ll be sure of a big surprise.

Sorry not the teddy bears picnic but something even more pleasing. 

Last week I was holidaying in Cornwall and my wife and I did our normal thing of popping into second hand book stores. Her, to stock up reading for her classroom and me, well because I love trawling through shelves to see what I could find. And this time I frankly hit gold in a large oxfam bookshop. Being British I’m not normally one to show off but I’m f**king chuffed to bits with this haul, especially at the bargain price it cost, so had to post about it.

So the first book we are looking at, is a first printing of the enemy within WFRP from 1986, complete with all the pullouts.

I also picked up Parts 1-4 of the campaign (the 1995 hogshead reprint). Ok in the reprint,  Shadows over Bogenhafen actually contains that + The Enemy Within so I have a duplicate but never mind, I can always sell that on. Apart from the covers having some of the most iconic oldhammer pictures this is something I’ve wanted to get my hands on for a long long time. 

The final item is just a source book for Dwarfs. Did I say ‘just’? Everything Dwarf is obviously fantastic and this book contains some gems such as information on lesser known holds such as those in Norsica. It also provides the most detailed map of the holds in the Western realms I’ve come across. 

Between all of these, this will keep me in reading for some time. Ahh happy days indeed.

Now I just need to find the wfrp rule book (though 2nd ed. not 1st).

P.s. When you are in a car for 5 or so hours with a young child endlessly singing the same nursery rhymes to keep them quiet, for the last hour of the drive, they tend to permeate other areas of your life. I can only apologise now if kids references become a more common factor in my posts. It’s these little details that no-one warns you about…

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