Organising the SELWG wfb Competition – Part 1 – Survey

This year I stepped up to run the club warhammer fantasy battle (wfb) competition. Having only taken part in the previous year’s comp’ and a few others, my only experience was in participating not running comps.  So where to start?

I’d had mixed feedback from last years entrants of the comp and the previous years TO (Steve who kindly volunteered to help out this year), in so far as the competitive players would tend to take part no matter what, so it was mainly about trying to get the casual players involved. With a number of players involved in the Kings of War comp this might be harder than it was in previous years, so I decided the first step would be to set up a simple survey to get some feed back on what participants would like.

I asked 9 questions, the responses to the first 8 are below. The final question was a ‘any other comments’ question.

Q.1. Are you interested in taking part in the 2017 compQ.2. Do you want any restrictionsQ.3. What restriction do you wantQ.4. What comp format do you wantQ.5. Do you want new ScenariosQ.6. Do you want secondary objectivesQ.7. Do you want new secondary objectivesQ.8. Do you want bonus points available


So I took a few things from the results. First there had been 15 responses which was more than we had been expecting.

In the main most people thought last years comp was too long. In fairness it did drag on a bit with people not completing their games (including knockouts) for quite a while. That was simple to fix, drop one of the rounds.

The second thing was that people still wanted to have restrictions on units and characters. This was a harder one to decide on and i’ll cover this in depth in a later post.

The main thing change that came from the results, was that the majority of the respondents wanted different scenarios than those in the basic rule book (brb). Time to get my thinking hat on!

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