Eighth Edition for Life

Just a quick post today. Although i’ve been playing and enjoying a lot of Kings of War this year, I still have a massive hankering for 8th edition warhammer fantasy.

Many of the dedicated older forums (Herdstone, Asrai etc.) have seen massive reductions in footfall since AoS (although some of the admin said it occurred before then). Most is down to the fall of the old world but in some cases (such as with the oldhammer forum) it was likely due to the creation of a facebook group and most members just post there. Some of the forums have even been taken down for extended periods (which is one of the reasons I started the blog as I retain control over it and my posts will stay up as long as I want…)

A group of the players that still love and play whfb 8th edition have set up a new* forum. It is very active and everyone is really helpful and friendly, so if you still want to post about and discuss 8th ed, I really recommend giving in a visit (I can be found posting under the name Knoffles).

Eighth Edition for Life – http://eefl.freeforums.net/

* ok by new I mean in the last few years though i’ve only just found it.

3 thoughts on “Eighth Edition for Life

  1. I can understand why you’d miss 8th edition. I’m glad that you are having fun with Kings of War though; that is a game I would like to try though I currently don’t know anyone who plays.


    1. To be honest most of my club has kept playing 8th. It’s only this year that 15 or so of us have given kow a go. Last year I tried 40k for the first time and found it quite hard going mainly as a number of the rules were called the same thing but had different mechanics. It made me appreciate in some respects why they switched to AoS but I’m now looking on with some jealousy at the changes to the new 40k ed. wishing they had done something similar rather than the total upheaval . Saying that, I will be trying 40k again as I’m liking a lot of the changes.

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