KoW – SELWG comp update

I’m not planning on doing many updates for this (bar my normal battle reps) but enough has happened in the leagues that I thought i’d post an update. regular updates are posted on the club forums.

As it stands, the leagues look like this:

League update 9-5-17


As normal Dan Neil and myself have stormed ahead on the number of games played and I’m currently languishing in third in the self styled ‘group of death’. My battle reports can be found here:

Vs Neil’s Abyssals

Vs Dan’s Dwarves

Vs Tony’s Herd

As for the rest of the games, the following passage is a bit of a write up of the top of the table clash between Neil and Dan (written by Neil).

Going the full 7 turns in the Kill scenario i was the lucky victor, by the smallest of margins (200pts).
As you could imagine a cagey affair with either player looking for the smallest advantage.

With his Gem of Zellak Dan enjoyed the advantage in deployment by putting his main force on side of the board.
However he left his Rangers isolated on the other side, hoping to shoot off some way wood Hellhounds. Not quite routing
the Hellhounds, the Rangers paid the price later.

With the limited manoeuvrability the Dwarfs held their lines with the Brock Riders trying to get round my flank.
The Arch Fiend was able to remove both Flame Belchers before they could cause much damage.

There then followed a serious of combats which saw both sides take casualties. Dan had a nasty surprise when a unit of Succubi
got into the flank of a horde of Shieldbreakers with 50 attacks.

The last turns came down to my horde of lower Abyssal’s v the two Greater Earth Elementals. The Lower A’s were able to rout
one GEE & then reform to avoid the deadly flank charge from the other.(1250 v 1450)

The other game also featured Dan & the President.
Not many details here, but Dan won 2000 v 825.


The first (and so far only) game in Basilea league was played between Darren & Martin, with Darren the Victor. Here is a brief account from Darren.

It was tough going though, in one melee I threw 92 dice by attacking a unit in both its flank and to its front, and still only inflicted 8 wounds. With such dicing even Martin couldn’t stop himself laughing.

But I still won the game, so I think I should be awarded an additional point for overcoming such a ruthless & unscrupulous opponent………I’m referring to bad luck……. not Martin.

As far as units lost and points please see below.

I lost:

1 Zombie Legion @ 190
1 Zombie legion @ 190
1 Revenant cavalry @ 200

Total lost= 580

Martin lost:

1 Bombard @ 110
1 Shieldbreaker @ 250
1 Shieldbreaker @ 250
1 Crossbows @ 260

Total lost = 760


So the Ophidia league has been rather busy lately with 3 games to report.

Neil & George faced off in Kill & pillage with a resulting draw, advantage to Neil with 1285 v 1130. I believe a report is to follow.

Neil V Alistair resulted in a win for Alistair 1405 to 595, not sure of the scenario.

Please see below for a report from George’s battle with Alistair (from George’s perspective). Win for George 1360 v 435.

So we have a real rock, paper, scissors developing in this league with draws making the league very tight.

George vs Alistair – Scenario: Kill

Alistair killed: 435pts

George killed: 1360pts

Our battlefield layout played into my hands a bit as we had three buildings spread out diagonally with woods between the gaps in the centre, which effectively divided the battlefield in two and forced us both to split our forces accordingly.  I deployed my chariots, gladestalkers, seaguard and mage on my right with a hill directly in front of them – opposite were Alistair’s werewolves and troll hordes, screened by ghoul chaff.  In the centre i arranged my two palace guard regiments and banner bearer so they were screened on their left by trees and buildings and next to them filling my line between the sea guard and the palace guard were my heavy cavalry – opposite them was Alistair’s spearmen, deployed between a building and a set of woods, and his Wraiths.  On my left i deployed my light cavalry and flying hero on the far side of another building, and my woodsmen in the wood between the two buildings – while Alistair deployed his heavy cavalry and archers horde opposite them as this was otherwise a very open flank and perfect for cavalry.

Alistair gave me the first turn, which saw me promptly turn my light cavalry 90 degrees and hightail it to the other end of the board where the rest of my army was arrayed.  I moved my seaguard, scouts and mage onto the hill where they were able (with some very good dice rolling) to pepper & weaken (the trolls) and eventually break (in subsequent turns) Alistair’s Werewolves. The ghoul screens were destroyed in combat but they did break my gladestalkers and threatened to do the same to my seaguard.  Alistair kept pressure up by sending in the wraiths, but by the time they got through my light cavalry and hero arrived on the flank and started shooting.  Eventually i charged these guys on three sides – and got only one wound – only a very lucky (jammy) double 6 broke them.  Alistair got a charge on the flank of one of my chariots with his trolls but they were then out of position which allowed my cavalry time to manoeuvre, charge and destroy the trolls who had been weakened by some very lucky shooting.

in the centre i was able to charge down the undead spearmen with a palace guard regiment and position my other regiment so the open gap between the woods on Alistair’s side and the building in the middle of the table was covered on two sides by my palace guard.

on my left, Alistair quickly moved to redeploy his archers and cavalry against my army, but the undead units weren’t quick enough and by the time they arrived i had my palace guard arranged to face them.  the revenant cavalry got charged by both units and despite hindered chargers, were routed.  Alistair’s horde of arches tried to shoot one unit down but were unsuccessful (sight of relief there) and were then charged and broken in turn.  The soul reavers made a play through the woods on my side of the table but were opposite a regiment of woodland troops who did nothing to them (those cavalry have 20 attacks, thunderous charge 2, crushing strength 2, 3+ to hit and 6+ to save????) but they did hold up the cavalry long enough to effectively neutralize them for the rest of the game.  They did get on to my right flank but by the time they go there (turn 7) the rest of my army had turned to face them.

in summary, my maneuvering at the beginning at the game helped immensely to neutralize Alistair’s deadly cavalry but it was a lot of fortunate dice rolling that helped everywhere else.  I got routed results often just as i needed them, often by only a single point and sometimes only by rolling a jammy double 6.  My shooting was also quite a bit more effective than the dice should have allowed for as well so Alistair was quite unlucky there but it was a very fun game and as i have found with KOW it really was down to the wire as the soul reavers were unlucky not to break my woodsmen sooner, and had the werewolves lasted another turn they would have been breaking my chariots and probably turned my flank there.

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