SELWG WHFB league – Quarter final results

Friday saw the last of the Quarter final games played. I didn’t see two of the games so have scant details on them. So how did I do with my predictions?


QF1: Group A 1st (Dan W – Empire) v Group D 1st (Luke B – WoC). Luke B won. This was an exceptionally close game where Luke won narrowly on victory points (after a recount). I actually managed to see a bit of this game and the main  characteristic seemed to be Lukes core of Warriors saving nearly everything thrown their way repeatedly (and then fluffing their attacks). In the final round (after again a phenomenal amount of saves) the warriors finally stepped up and did enough wounds to Dan’s halbadier  block to route them, winning the game. I predicted Dan to win, so wrong on that one! (though I still maintain he was odds on favourite). And because I love his garish chaotic colour scheme here’s another picture of his warriors.


QF2: Group B 1st (Luke C – DE) v Group C 1st (Antonio – HE). Antonio won. Again I managed to catch a bit of this game as it was the same night as the above and my first Kings of War group game. It turns out they are old adversaries having played multiple times and this time, Antonio did indeed manage to neutralise the  Witch Elf block and captured the hill, winning the game.

QF3: Group A 2nd (Neil R – DoC) v Group B 3rd (Alex M – Lizards). Neil won. As predicted, Alex using Neil’s own army against him put Alex at a disadvantage and Neil won the match.

QF4: Group B 2nd (Chris R – Ogres) v Group A 3rd (Paul B – Nurgle Daemons). Chris R won. In the TO’s words: “Chris Richards used his super powers to get yet another opponent to cascade their wizard for the win!” So I called this one wrong and Chris, in the last of the quarter finals to be played, progresses to the Semis.

Semi Finals

Dare I put my money in my mouth again? Probably not but i’m going to anyway. The worst thing that can happen is i’m proven wrong and if that’s the case, don’t tell my wife!

SF1: Winner QF1 (Luke B) v Winner QF4 (Chris R). As I said in my last prediction, not having seen Chris’s army or him play this tournament, i can’t comment on that side but I do know that Luke has a solid army and is getting better with every game, so i’m going to say Luke will win this one.

SF2: Winner QF2 (Antonio) v Winner QF3 (Neil R). This should be a very good game to watch as Antonio seemed to be a good player and fun opponent from the little I saw of his game. However, knowing Neil and his play, I am still going to put my money on him to progress.

FINAL: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

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