Monster March – Week 2

Continuing with Swordmaster of Hoeths Monster March Challenge I present a couple of photo’s of the progress to date.

Chieftain on ‘Chariot’

The initial base coat is primarily finished (with just the saddle straps to go). The beast has had a wash and drybrush as has the skin of the rider and the horns/bones. I need to start picking out details. Hoping to get this done or at least close to done by the end of next week.



I’m really pleased with how this has come out with the grey base, blue wash and light blue highlighting and as far as i’m concerned its pretty much done. I just need to finish the base and eyes.



Again this model is pretty much done. Base and eyes need to be finished and perhaps another wash as I was a little too heavy on the dry brushing in parts and so am not entirely happy with the finishing. I think the issue is, that I feel the paint used was too light in colour.


2 thoughts on “Monster March – Week 2

  1. I don’t mind the finish on the bear. Most people will be looking at the model from 2 feet away so the highlights will be more noticeable. At the end of the day though, we’re our own worst and best critics right. If you’re not satisfied then go with your gut. Great progress from week 1.


    1. Cheers for the nice words and completely true about being our own worst critic. My plan was to aim to paint above my normal ‘that will do’ standard and on that point I’ve already achieved it with both bear and wolf, though they are fairly simple models at the end of the day (I also deliberately hid the ‘bodged’ bit in the photos 😀). At least now I can concentrate solely on the Chieftain to try and give him the love he deserves!

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