KOW - 2017 SELWG Competition – Groups

On Friday the draw was made by the independent adjudicator (Paul Baker) and the groups are below.

I’ve previously covered the comp pack here and my army list here.

The first group has been nicknamed the ‘group of death’. This is because it contains the greatest percentage of former champions and semi finalists of the previous club WHFB competitions. Evan knowing that, I’m happy being in the group, as although I know they will be very competitive and tough games, with the exception of Tony (the club president) who I’ve never played so can’t comment on, i’ve played the others multiple times and they are great guys and the games will be great fun.

The disappointment for me is that I have played them multiple times. I’ve played 2 of the other 10 players (Darren in Basilea and Alistair in Orphilia), just once in my time at the club, so it would have been good to have the chance to play them in the competition. But that’s the way the random draws go sometimes.

That being said, KOW is still new for most of us and i’ve never played Neil, Dan, or Alex with them using these armies (even in whfb) and i’m really curious to see what Tony’s herd list will be like, will it differ substantially from mine (army lists are released later this week as our club comps are always open list). I’ll post a review of the group lists once I have them.


Dan White – Dwarfs

Neil Robins – Forces of the Abyss

Alex Mountain – Elves

Mark Merfield – The Herd

The President – The Herd


Darren Scholte – Undead

Stephen Tanner – Trident Realms

Michael Malcolm – Elves

Antonio Lopez – Elves

Martin Healy – Dwarfs


Neil Hobday- Empire of Dust

Paul Keyes – Ratmen

Alistair Austin – Undead

Greg Farrell – Twilight Kin

George Hobday – Elves

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