KOW – 2017 SELWG Competition- Entry list

With my current love of all things Beastmen Herd, it should come as no surprise to readers of this blog that I have chosen to use that army in the comp, continuing the adventures of Khazbar the Magnificent. I’ll do my normal job of listing the army and breaking it down and analysing it so my opponents only have to read this rather than having to put in any effort themselves 🙄 (I’m dumb nice like that).

Khazbar raised his head off the ground and slowly looked around, vague images of plague daemons and an Empire of men evaporated as he regained consciousness.  Something was different, the chaotic glee that had previous filled his head was gone. His thoughts had more clarity and for the first time in an age he didn’t feel like lashing out at everything in reach. He noted two other unmoving forms lying in the meadow, close to the edge of the woods that surrounded it and was about to investigate when the air shimmered and convalesced into the shape of a lady, her incorporeal form glowing green and hovering above the ground. His eyes widened as her thoughts projected into his head as a series of images, of shifting worlds, burning woods and a sense of oneness. His resolve hardened as he realised that she had not just plucked him and the other 2 immobile forms from a different realm but had given them a purpose. He was one with the natural world and those that pillaged and desecrated it would be taken to account.


The Herd of Khazbar the Magnificent (reborn)

Khazbar (Shaman) – Heal + Myrddin’s Amulet – 130pts

Wazzock the Renewed (Shaman) – Heal – 120pts

Zhurrock the Mighty (Great Chieftain) – Chariot + Bows + Fire Oil – 205pts

(Brutox) – 220pts

(Brutox) – 220pts

Tribal Spirit Walkers (Horde) – Brew of Strength – 260pts

Longhorns (Regiment) – 145pts

Stampede (Horde) – Brew of Sharpness – 305pts

Guardian Brutes (Horde) – Blessing of the Gods – 255pts

Beast Pack (Troop) – 70pts

Beast Pack (Troop) – 70pts
Thoughts on the army composition

As to be expected, I chopped and changed and revisited a dozen or so lists before settling on the above. Am I happy with it? Reasonably. With no real play testing I’m going in blind and the majority of this is purely theory hammer combined with advice from helpful players.

One of these was to further breakdown your army into segments (Or as I’m calling them in my head attack wings), that can operate independently whilst supporting the whole. I’ve tried to incorporate this philosophy into the list. Whether I’ve done it well and more importantly can utilise it, well we will have to see.

It’s worth noting that about the only restrictions levied against us in the pack was a max of 2 of each type of monster, warmachine and character. I’ve added a summary of the comp pack here.

So why take what I did?

Double Brutox. I have 2 models I love and wanted to use. One monster is easy to target, so taking 2, almost ensures that one will get into combat, especially running them as a pack. They are also intimidating models and should drawn a lot of attention. Although only average melee stats and defense, they hit hard, have high nerve and can regenerate damage, so should be quite survivable.

Chieftain on chariot. He will normally run with the Brutox as will only add to the hitting power, whilst being the only source of inspiring that can keep pace with them. Having bows will give a chance of adding some damage and fire oil will assist against regen units both at range and in combat. He is not an individual so does double/triple attacks and both hits hard and easily.

Stampede – having used this already I’m aware of what a monster it can be. The item, while expensive, further increases the power of the unit.

Tribal Spirit Walkers – my designated anvil. Though low def and average melee, it has a lot of attacks and the item helps with damage in the grind.

Longhorns – these are elite troops that hit easily and reasonably hard. With only average nerve and a low number of attacks, im still not sure about them but decided to give them another go over taking a regiment of spirit walkers, figuring the increased hit and dmg stats should even out against the loss of attacks. A supporting shaman should help mitigate the lower nerve using heal (if necessary and if I get the chance ofc!).

Guardian Brutes – another solid unit. Most herd players seem to prefer Lycans due to the increased speed but I’m trying not to proxy and have a load of Minotaurs that fit the bill perfectly. These are about my most heavily armoured troops, have a reasonable amount of attacks and hit hard. The item helps to offset the average to hit stats. I did contemplate moving the items round between the stampede and brutes but decided the greater speed on the stampede made it the better unit to use the brew on.

The two shamans were to be used to support the infantry with inspiring, bane chant or heal (as required).

Finally the beast packs were included as chaff, their job to get in the face of my opponents and gum up their plans. I am worried that I’ve badly short changed myself here, as in every other list I’ve made (or seen) there are 3-4 chaff (whether beast packs or harpies). However sacrifices had to be made to encorporate the double Brutox/Chieftain combo and at least I’m using something that I’ve not seen online (there may be a reason for this…), so hopefully my opponents will be as clueless as myself on the effectiveness!

With list submission deadline today (3rd in case I post this late), we should have the draw in the next week or so but it’s now likely my first game will be late March or early April due to prior weekend commitments (what can I say, everyone seems to be turning 40 this year!).

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