KOW - 2017 SELWG Competition Pack

Rather than post the full pack, I thought I’d cover the highlights.

Neil will be the TO.

Groups and Knockouts

15 players are confirmed, split into 3 groups of 5.

2 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss.

The top 2 in each group will qualify for the quarter finals, with the final 2 spots going to the highest qualifier.

The KO stage will be fixed scenarios as now seems popular in most club comps.

Quarter Final :- Pillage P86

Semi final :- Kill & Pillage P87

Final & third/fourth place play off:- Dominate P85 (note this may change, maybe to Push)

Army Lists

2000 points no allies & only one Living Legend per army.

Special unit amendments are:-

Cursed Pharaoh – This unit has Defence 5 not 6. Points remain the same.

Ahmunite Pharaoh – This unit has Defence 5 not 6. Points remain the same.

A maximum of 2 for the same unit entry in the following unit types, War engine, Hero, Monster. Example: For a Dwarf army 3 cannons (War engine) not allowed, but 3+ regiments of Ironwatch Crossbows(Infantry) would be allowed subject to other unlocking rules being achieved.

Special rules


Fly- This is from the COK rules pack & seems to me to be sensible to stop flyer abuse.  The unit can move over anything (blocking terrain, enemy units, friendly units when charging, etc), but still cannot land on top of them. The unit does not suffer hindered charges for moving over terrain, unless it ends the move within or touching terrain. The unit also has the nimble rule (remember this can stack).  However the important point is, while disordered the units LOOSE FLY. This means they lose nimble that fly provides.

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