SELWG WHFB league – Stage 2 update part 3

Part 3 of the update covers the games played up to 23 Feb (the day before the deadline). This means the final update should be sometime this week and the knockout contestants confirmed.


Group A – No change from last week bar a reduction in points for me after I let Steve know he had given me too many bonus points (it made no difference to the standings but it was a principle thing).

Group B – This group is wide open. With the top 3 spots able to qualify, the group is down to the wire and the results from any games played on the 24th (or who out of Chris or Steve manages to play Alex M).

Group C – Antonio and Greg have each played an extra game. Greg lost the game and so remains in second place. Antonio’s win has moved him into 3rd place. A strong showing against Matt could mean he tops the group as it looks like Martin has withdrawn so a 4th game might be unlikely for the others in the group.

Group D – Again no change to the current rankings and there is almost no chance that the players will complete their games before the deadline (I know Pete has basically withdrawn).


QF1: Group A 1st (Dan W) v Group D 1st (Luke B)

QF2: Group B 1st v Group C 1st (Cyntac or Antonio)

QF3: Group A 2nd (Neil R) v Group B 3rd

QF4: Group B 2nd v Group A 3rd (Paul B)

SF1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF4

SF2: Winner QF2 v Winner QF3

FINAL: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2


Words of Steve (TO)

Tonight is the final Friday of Stage 2, so we will be able to start the knock out stage quarter finals from next week.

Please note:

– From now on there are no changes to armies.

– Only points for W/D/L, missions, playing 6 turns and fully painted armies will apply (unfortunately, hobby points will not be awarded).

– Fully painted means FULLY PAINTED. Every model and its base must be painted to qualify for the 2 points.

– Missions are reset again, BUT the missions that you select in the quarter final, semi-final and final must be be different.

– The bonus for playing 6 turns only applies if you have played 6 turns OR someone has conceded. You cannot agree to a draw and get the 6 turns bonus,


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