KOW – Herd vs Twilight Kin – part one – lists

I was unable to play my second practice game on Friday as Dan caught manflu (as we all know one of the deadliest diseases on the planet…).  This allowed my wife to go out for some drinks and gave me a free pass to set up a mid-week game with Greg, one of my D&D group. Happy days!

I never managed to play Greg at whfb at the club (probably as with a number of children he finds in harder to get down than I do), so was really looking forward to this. I believe this would be Gregs first game of KOW, so again it would be less about being competitive and more about rule familiarisation and list evaluation for us both, ready for the club KOW competition.

The Herd of Khazbar the Magnificent – 2k pts


For this game I decided to switch things up a little from my previous list. I had faffed around building a number of lists as there were several things I really wanted to try including: a double Spirit Walker horde: double Brutox build and using the Avatar of the father. Due to this being my last opportunity to have a practice before the competition kicked off, I went with the following list.

Khazbar the Magnificent – Shaman (heal) – 120pts

Avatar of the Father – (Wings + heal) – 345pts

Horde of Spirit Walkers (fire oil) – 235pts

Horde of Stampede (Brew of Sharpness) – 305pts

Horde of Guardian Brutes (Blessing of the Gods) – 255pts

Regiment of Longhorns – 145pts

Regiment of Longhorns – 145pts

Troop of beasts – 70pts

Troop of beasts – 70pts

Troop of Harpies – 90pts

Brutox – 220pts
Greg’s Twilight Kin – 2k pts

Horde of Crossbowmen – 250pts

Regiment of Blade Dancers (brew of courage) – 215pts

Troop of Scouts – 130pts

Regiment of Dark Knights (Potion of the Caterpillar) – 230pts

Troop of Heralds of Woe – 145pts

Horde of Abyssal Riders – 260pts

Bolt Thrower – 90pts

Bolt Throwers – 90pts

Hydra – 140pts

Lord on Dragon (ensorcelled armour) – 345pts

Sorceress (inspiring talisman + banechant) – 105pts


Evaluation of List

There are a number of things that concern me with Greg’s list. It’s the first time I’ve faced any shooting and the big horde of crossbows with their high nerve and 24″ range will potentially create a no go area. I will need to disrupt them asap, possibly with the Avatar.

Likewise the 2 bolt throwers with their huge range of 48″ will be hitting my forces almost immediately and likely targeting either the Brutox or Avatar (that is why one of the reasons I have 2 large monsters, to hopefully cause indecision). They will definitely need to be taken out as quickly as possible, probably with the harpies or again with the Avatar.

His Knights and Abyssal riders are very hard hitting and so I will probably use my normal tactic of blocking them with my dogs and lining up counter charges behind them.

The Hydra isn’t too dangerous until it takes damage when it’s attacks multiply. I think the trick will be to ignore it (as if!) or try and take it out in one turn.

The lord on dragon I can foresee being a nightmare. Def 6 makes it difficult to wound and with fly, it means it can get behind my lines and cause considerable disruption. I’ll need to ensure a second line to try and prevent this occurring.

The Shadows and Heralds of woe are his version of chaff, but are a little expensive for that role. They do have the ability to get into range very quickly and start targeting my chaff to take it out early.

Lastly his regiment of Blade Dancers (witch elves) I can also see causing me some trouble. They have a lot of attacks and have rules designed to let them keep attacking unless they are routed.

Overall a lot of hard hitting units backed up with some good ranged attacks. The one thing I must remember is to very much concentrate on the objectives and not killing his army (unless that is the objective of course!). Not doing so nearly cost me the first game.

One thing I will add is that we are aware of the new rules (my copy of CoK is in the post), but because the competition was set up before the release and most of us are new to KOW, we are not using the majority of the changes (one of the exceptions is the rules around flyers and disordered removing that ability).

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