SELWG WHFB league – Stage 2 update pt2

Well after no update since before xmas they are coming thick and fast! The last update posted appears to have not been entirely correct (it’s possible it shouldn’t have been sent round), so I have attached the updated results sheet. This also includes some updates from games played in the last couple of weeks (though not Fri 17th).


Group A

The points have changed slightly but there is no change in the positions. My points aren’t correctly showing as I should only have 5 bonus points not 10 (for submitting the list before the deadline).

Group B

This group is still wide open with any of the players able to qualify. It will likely come down to who manages to play all their games on or before the deadline of 24th Feb but at present I think Chris R is likely to be one of them.

Group C

Another close group. Cyntac currently tops it and I think should be on 62 points as he kept the same army book (so would get a 5 pt bonus). Still Greg could potentially top the group if he gets a win and completes his secret mission as he should also get an additional 2 points for painting and should have 2 hobby points (with likely an additional 3rd). Likewise Antonio could top the group with good results in his final two games (if he manages to play them).

Greg has been writing up his battles on his blog and his latest one against Antonio can be found here.

Group D

Luke is looking the clear winner (and thus qualifier) at this point. No one can beat him, however Joey (in second) could draw with him provided he gets the maximum points available to him of 52, comprising of: 2 wins (30), 2 secret missions (14), 6 turns both games (2), fully painted army (4) and hobby points (2). Add these to the 14 he already has makes this 66 points. Perhaps a tall order but it is possible.


QF1: Group A 1st (Dan W) v Group D 1st (Luke B)

QF2: Group B 1st v Group C 1st

QF3: Group A 2nd (Neil R) v Group B 3rd

QF4: Group B 2nd v Group A 3rd (Paul B)

SF1: Winner QF1 v Winner QF4

SF2: Winner QF2 v Winner QF3

FINAL: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

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