KOW – First Battle – Herd vs Undead – Part one

Straight off the bat I’m going to apologise and say that this won’t be up to the standard of my normal reports. I quite deliberately didn’t take notes as wanted to concentrate on getting to grips with the game and rules.

So with that being said, I’ll start with listing Alistair’s army (mine is here) then give some thoughts on it and the scenario rolled. In the 2nd part I’ll then talk a bit about the battle and then give my impressions of the game and how my list did (and as normal, don’t expect anything too ground breaking).

Alistair’s 2000pt Undead

Horde of Skeleton Warriors + undead dogs + Blade of Slashing – 165pts

Necromancer (Surge + bane-chant) – 100pts

Horde of Skeleton Spearmen + undead dogs – 185pts

Necromancer (Surge + bane-chant) + Inspiring Talisman – 120pts

Horde of Skeleton Archers + Brew of Keen Eyeness – 210pts

Necromancer (Heal + bane-chant) – 100pts

Horde of Werewolves  + Brew of Courage – 260pts

Standard bearer on foot – 50pts

Troop of Wraiths + Helm of Confidence – 160pts

Regiment of Revenant Cavalry – 200pts

Regiment of Soulreaver Cavalry + Potion of the Caterpillar – 320pts

Standard bearer on horse – 65pts

Standard bearer on horse – 65pts

Looking at his list

Not having played (i’ll try not to say that again) I wasn’t sure what to expect from the list. As such I’ll look at each of his units in turn and give some brief thoughts.

His 3 hordes each have a break point of 23 (about the highest you can get) and are fearless, so will take a ton of wounds to shift. The two melee units both have lifeleech (2) so will automatically heal 2 wounds if they cause damage in melee. The warriors have 25 attacks and the spears have 30 attacks which isn’t inconsiderable but they do only hit on 5’s (and have 4 def). The spears also have phalanx so will negate TC if engaged to the front so I need to attack them with something with CS (1).

The archers only have 20 attacks but hit on 4’s. With ME 6 and def 3 they should fold pretty quickly if I can get into combat with them.

Soulreavers are meant to be some of the best cav in the game and with CS(1), TC(2), ME 3, 20 attacks and the potion to remove hindered charges and they should hit hard. A def of 6 means anything attacking them will need a solid bonus to damage then.

Revenant Cav are Soulreaver ‘light’ with a point less def, no CS and 4’s to hit. Again they are still solid cav and need to be respected.

The werewolves are potentially one of the best large infantry in the game. SP 9 and nimble, played right, should be enough to get them round and into the flanks/rear. With 18 attacks hitting on 3’s as standard, not to mention CS (1) means these guys are my number 1 target to take out as I can’t risk them getting into my back field. The brew of courage helps to reduce the chance of them routing m, together with their lifeleech and def 5.

Again the troop of wraiths have the potential to cause carnage. With fly, def 6 and the inspiring item, you know they are meant to jump over my lines and hit the rear of my lines.

He has 3 sources of inspiring and 2 of surge. So I’ll expect to have to reroll nerve checks and with his solid blocks that will help to tar pit my units.


I have some rough thoughts on how to play this (not taking into consideration of the scenario). The herd is a fairly one trick pony, so I’ll need to move up aggressively whilst using my 3 chaff to block his 2 cav units and either the archers or werewolves. I need to layer my units to be able to discourage the wraiths. The horde of spirit walkers should ideally be used against either the Warriors or archers as the lack the power to grind against the more elite undead and their high def. The Brutox and Stampede will be my can openers and aimed at the high def undead units.

So all that is left is to forget all the above as I try to learn the game rules whilst playing!

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