KOW – First game prep

Long story short, I’m no longer taking part in the 40k Kill Team evening on Friday. I just really couldn’t drum up any enthusiasm for it and with my limited club time in Jan/Feb I decided to instead, line up a game of Kings of War to finally try it out. Something I’ve been itching to do for a while. Thankfully there was no shortage of takers and in short order I had a game booked against Alistairs Undead.

In another first, I’ve not played against Alistair (and not sure if we’ve met either) so really looking forward to that too.

So with the game lined up, i just had to decide what to use.

Straight off the bat, I discounted my Dwarves. I’ve just played them a bit much over the last few years so for the time being they have been relegated to the box (though with my fickle nature that may change!).

Realistically that left Elves or Beastmen (herd). I was very very close to finally digging out my wood elves (over the high elves) but due to having auditors in, i’ve just not had the time to sort them out and so i’ll continue with the Beastmen for the time being, if only for ease.


I have repeatedly ‘herd’ (sorry couldn’t resist) that every unit is viable in KOW so with this in mind, i’ve knocked together a quick 2000pt list to try out.

Great Chieftain on Chariot with bows and Potion of the Caterpillar – 220pts

Shaman with heal and Myrddin’s Amulet – 130pts

Shaman with heal – 120pts

Tribal Spirit Walkers (Horde) – 230pt (Note: due to base sizes 24 Gor fits the footprint for a 40 20mm horde).

Guardian Brutes (Horde) with Blessing of the Gods – 255pts

Stampede (Horde) with Brew of Sharpness – 305pts

Longhorns (Regiment) – 145pts

Longhorns (Regiment) – 145pts

Beast Pack (Troop) – 70pts

Beast Pack (Troop) – 70pts

Harpies (Troop) – 90pts

Brutox – 220pts

Total – 2000pts


This list gives me 3 sources of inspiring, 2 of which will hold back to buff units (either in melee or through healing) and the other can swing combats, especially if he get flank/rear charges.

It also has a number of hordes with lots of attacks and/or high nerve values and defence. These should all be able to take a combat or two and if they charge, smash the enemy targets. The Stampede with ‘Brew’ pumps out 30 attacks hitting on 3’s with a minus 4 to defence on the charge (and a nerve of 18/22). The Brutes with Blessing have 24 attacks hitting on 4’s (rerolling 1’s) and a minus 3 to def on the charge. They do have a def of 5 and nerve of 15/18. The Spirit Walkers have 35 attacks but only hit on 4’s with TC 1 but they are fearless with a break point of 23 so have to take at least 13 points of damage before there is a chance of routing them.

The longhorns regiments do not have the attacks of other units but will consistently hit due to ME 3 and have CS+TC 1.

I have 3 units of Chaff to run interference. I do wonder if I need more but at the least they can shield my main 3 hordes.

The Brutox is included  because I like large monsters! Although it has random attacks (8+D6) and only hits on a 4+, it takes a lot to reduce it’s damage rolls and it also comes with regen to help it out.

I’m thoroughly looking forward to this game.




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