Hobby update – Orcsies

I happened to be down at my folks at the weekend and opened a cupboard in my old room to be presented with some of the standards of my Orc army. As with nearly all my older lead models, they are not fully finished (nothing was ever based). 

The figure on the right is an old maurauder model (I always loved their range) and was used as the BSB due to having the largest standard. The tiger stripe(ish) theme is repeated throughout the army, mainly on the shields but also on shoulder pads of the big bosses and generals (it was where I got the inspiration for my space marines). 

I actually prefer the old standards to the current solid plastic ones as it allowed me to draw icons using a combo of pencil and pen and then colour in the remainder with paint. A medium I’m far more comfortable in as you can probably tell by the quality of the standards vs my normal paint jobs!

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