40k Kill Teams

On Feb 3 SELWG is running a kill team evening and as previously stated, I’m using this as an opportunity to again try 40k to see if I can rekindle some interest in it (the game that is, I’m an avid reader and love the battles and Horus Heresy books).

I will of course be using Space Mehrines as they are the only 40k models I own. It’s difficult to play any GW games without picking up a few over the years and I fleshed these out, some time back, by picking up a load of cheap figures off eBay (a number were prepainted in Dark Angels livery which I was happy with as I was planning a green based colour scheme).

Like any sensible noob I have gone the way of my own chapter, in order that I can try out differing chapter rules. Having not spent much time in the game, the chapter is yet to be named and i’ve barely touched chapter rules to decide on what geneology it follows but the colour scheme does have a vague definition. As it stands it is: dark green with a silver skull (bronze for squad sergeant) and silver imperial eagle, with one pauldron with an orange background and tiger stripes (see exhibit ‘a’ below). The figures all have a very basic paintjob* at present and absolutely none are finished**.

*Ok by basic, I mean that they are all base coated green and have bits of detail done – even by my standards that is poor but I had lacked any drive to continue them especially with the bucketload of fantasy figures I have lined up.

**The exceptions are the few models purchased from eBay in a prepainted state (such as the Dreadnaughts below).


To date I mainly used the marines as Imperial Fists (for bolter drill tactics) with Iron Hand allies (to take advantage of the extra ironclad dreadnought rules – what can I say, they are my favourite 40k models – though they are all in DA livery and i’ve yet to add the distinctive tiger stripe to them). Pics of the Dreads below just because I love them 😀.


But back to Kill Teams. What is it all about? Well, you can take a maximum of 200pts from the following selection: 0-2 Core, 0-1 Fast Attack and 0-1 Elite. No Heavy Support or HQs (there are other restrictions too, that I’m not going to cover as they wouldn’t impact my choices bar the no 2+ saves). Three of the models you pick are given specialist abilities (these give the selected model an addition rule such as stealth or +1 to BS to name but a few) and one model must be the leader (who also gains a random ability).

As normal I’ve been trying to read up on tactics and about the only thing agreed on, is that scouts are the best value for money, which is handy as they are one of my favourite models. So without further ado here are a few of my potential builds.

Imperial Fists 1

5 Scouts (Sergeant + 1 squad member with Sniper rifles) – 57pts

5 Scouts (1 squad member with heavy bolter) – 63 pts

5 Tactical Marines (1 squad member with meltagun) – 80pts

Total – 200pts

Raven Guard 1

5 Scouts – (Sergeant + 1 squad member with Sniper rifles, 1 with heavy bolter) – 65pts

5 Vanguard Veterans with jump packs (Sergeant with power sword + 2 troops with power swords and 1 with storm shield) – 135pts

Total – 200pts

Imperial Fists 2

5 Scouts (Sergeant + 1 squad member with Sniper rifles, 1 with heavy bolter) – 65pts

5 Sternguard (Sergeant with power sword, 1 squad member with combi-melta)


After having a play around I then realised that I should probably take a look at the scenarios first, as this should have a major bearing on the selection.

  • Push Forward

Standard deployment. 3 objectives worth 1pt each and 4 bonus pts up for grabs. Most pts wins

  • Alone in the Dark (Auto night)

Standard deployment. 3 objectives worth 1pt each and 4 bonus pts up for grabs. Most pts wins. Chance for units to get outflank rule

  • Head hunt

Opposite quadrant deployment. 3pts for killing a leader, 1 pt per specialist. 3 bonus pts.

  • Infiltrate the camp

Standard deployment. Attacker gets 1 pt per model moved off the nme table. Defender gets 1 pt per 3 kills. 3 bonus pts available.

  • Secure the high ground

Standard deployment. 1 pt per model in the centre terrain piece at the end. 4 bonus pts available.

  • Supply drop

Standard deployment. 6 objectives placed, only one is worth 3pts. 4 bonus pts up for grabs.

The bonus points include first kill, killing the enemy leader and having someone in the enemy deployment zone etc. I believe this is standard 40k stuff.

All the missions have a chance of being night fighting except the 2nd one where it is automatically selected.

So 3 of the missions involve grabbing objectives (I can see how scouts would be useful) and one involves moving off the table (again scouts and high movement troops would help).

Of the other 2, one is almost straight forward killing and the other is similar but with a final rush to capture the centre.

Yes that is a very bare bones, basic analysis but hey, what do you expect after only having played four games and the last was around seven months ago. Needless to say I am not expecting to stomp to victory!

So after looking at the missions, has that helped me decide on what to take? Not really. So the question becomes the normal, what do I fancy taking?

I’m really tempted by the Vanguard Veterans, if only because jump pack troops seem to be out of favour and I love the image of them storming in. I do have concerns that they could easily be gunned down. There is also a small issue that I don’t actually own any. The guys would probably let me proxy them with assault marines but I’m not sure I would feel right doing that (and although it is tempting to pick up a box as they are great models – I can’t justify the cost). Two squads of scouts and one of tactical marines are also tempting if only down to the sheer numbers, however I’ll probably end up going with the scout and sternguard.

I have two key considerations: keeping it reasonably simple, especially as I haven’t played in a long time (and I know the rules for these units to some extent as I used them in my comp list): the other is using something I really like and I love the models and their potential. The Sternguard themselves are fantastic sculpts. They take the basic rather boring Marines and add loads of nice touches from the pimped up guns to the gorgets. From a tactical side, both squads give me a really good versatility, the scouts with infiltrate, a couple of snipers and a heavy bolter. The Sternguard are reasonably good in combat and with the special issue ammo have the ability to counter a number of threats. You could argue that they are rather expensive, however it just means I cut down on the number of things I have to worry about. Taking them as Imperial fist successors means that nearly all the marines (bar the 2 with sniper rifles) can re-roll 1’s to hit (and that is why reason why I took a combi-melta rather than meltagun, so that I maximise boltgun fire and re-rolls). 

You’ll note I’ve barely even touched the specialist rules and how they will tie into my choice. I’d like to say its because I’m keeping something back but the truth is I haven’t even looked into it that closely. I may wing it on the night as that’s how hardcore I am…


2 thoughts on “40k Kill Teams

  1. I am also really looking forward to this. Your second list looks awfully like one that I had planned.

    I can also lend you some assault marines from my Blood Angels is you need.


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