Hobby update – The one that got away

It seems like an age ago when I posted my finished Minotaurs and mentioned that I had a random zebra striped scheme on an old Marauder (pygmy) Minotaur model from around 25 years ago (made of child friendly lead). I was at my folks on Sat and decided to try and catalog what was down there (I gave up after half an hour due to the 3 degree temperature and lack of anything bar a jumper) but lo and behold I did come across the miniature in question. The paint job isn’t finished (no surprise as the majority of the models from my early forays aren’t) and I will be completing it but pictures are below to show it in the found state, for you to bask in its magnificence 😉.



It does seem that I had no clue about undercoating when I first started painting.

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