Hobby update – Now that’s magic!

The relentless painting grind continues and today I managed to finish off another 10 Gor towards the Gor horde.

I also completed 2 shamans for the beasts (hence the Paul Daniels quote). The first is the GW plastic model. I will say this was a lovely sculpt that glued together without the need for any filling and epitomises the quality of their newer plastic ranges. Say what you like about the company but you cannot knock the quality of their plastics. I kept it simple with the red tying it into one of the smaller Gor units and used a variety of browns for the patchwork cloak. As normal I noticed after posting the pictures that I hadn’t washed the inner lining of the cloak or the red.

The next shaman painted wasn’t the malagor model I’ve been using in my recent games but one of two ‘Black Friday’ purchases I treated myself to from Mierce Miniatures. This is from their Darklands range and I really like the model. It is slightly bigger than the GW Gor models (a centimetre or two) which is good as you would expect the Great Bray Shamans or Beastlords to be the biggest and toughest of their kind. This was the first smaller model I’ve purchased off Mierce and I actually don’t think the cast is as clean as the bigger models. I’m not sure if it is a different resin used, as it seems more brittle too (2 bits of wood from the staff came off during painting and the sword almost snapped off as well, thankfully I caught the latter and superglued it in place).

The final item hasn’t been painted (just built) but was my other Mierce purchase. I’ve been on the lookout for a suitable Minotaur BSB figure for a while. I don’t like the most recent GW sculpts and the older metal one is OK but quite uninspiring. Other companies produce possible options and I did consider them and then I found this model which I love. Not just that it is unusual being a Rhino rather than a Bull but it’s also big. Bigger than my metal Doombull. It comes with a 60mm base but just about squeezed on the 40mm square base and is the normal high quality resin used in the larger models. There are a few gaps which, as normal, I’ve done nothing about. I can’t wait to use this on the battlefield once it’s finished.

In terms of the Beastmen, I now have 10 Gor and 10 harpies to go (till the comp army is done) and the above model, 15 Bestigor, malagor and a Beastlord until all models are painted.

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