Hobby update – The Gor continue

I knuckled down over the last week and finally made some progress on the Gor horde being used in my comp list, completing half of the unit. I’m liking the blue and yellow and it ties in with the colour scheme of the the Empire soldier my Ghorgon is grasping. I have in my head that this unit ripped off parts of the uniform from an Empire garrison they defeated and now wear them and tote their standard too! (Not sure if any of the Empire providences have a blue and yellow colour scheme but we won’t worry about that). The yellow does seem bright and perhaps too pristine but I like the contrast so it will stay as it is rather than being ‘muddied’.

As normal, I broke up the monotony, of painting a large unit by also painting something else, in this case another Razorgor. Again there are elements of this that I thought worked really well. The druachii(?) violet wash over the light grey on the mane and the athonian camoshade wash over the moot green on the tail.

This now leaves me with 20 Gor, 10 Harpies and 2 Shamans to finish, ostensibly before my game with Dan on Friday.

Will I be finished on time? Nope of course not. Even taking into consideration that I have one afternoon off this week, we currently have 2 house guests staying with us for the next few weeks which means that I have no painting station (or more accurately no space to set up my coffee table as the nursery took the painting station). This might even impact getting the painting finished by the 19th when I face Paul. Fingers crossed they have left way before then!

The biggest shock for me is that I’m even this close to finishing. In terms of my Beastmen as a whole, the only other models left to paint are 20 further Bestigors and a Beastlord (oh and a further shaman and substitute Minotaur standard that I may have ordered during the Black Friday sales. More on them in a later post). 

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