Hobby update – Beastmen Counters and Gor Unit

I’ve recently been watching a number of battle reports on YouTube in an effort to make up for my lack of Beastmen playing time. Apart from learning that my comp list is somewhat different to anyone else’s, I did come across a video from Oncebitten, talking about using tokens to represent wounds and other key things instead of dice (frankly a great idea so there’s no confusion and accidental use of marker dice). So completely plagiarising his idea (which I think he said he also ‘borrowed’) I knocked together 3 sets of counters using various Beastmen shields. Whether i’ve made enough is another matter but it is a start and I can always add to them.

Although simple in design, I’m impressed enough with them that it has made me want to replicate it for all my other armies (using relevant counters of course!)

  1. Top left are wound counters. Some different styles so they can go against different models.
  2. Top right are Despoiler counters. To denote when a unit of Bestigors have captured standards.
  3. Bottom are Blood Greed counters. To mark when Minotaurs or Ghorgons gain frenzy/extra attacks.


I also finally finished one of my Gor units (unfortunately the smaller of the two still another 40 to go). They were all painted to my normal desktop standard (5-7 colours on each, followed by 3 or so different colour washes). The command group were then given a bit more attention with details picked out.

After completing the counters, I have now decided on a yellow and blue scheme for the 2nd unit of Gor as really liked the contrast against the browns.

Oh and I’ve decided to start taking photos  against a white background to show off the figures a bit better. Still being lazy as using my phone to take them and my desk light doesn’t provide sufficient light but it’s a start!

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