Hobby update – Heavy hitters

Having a week off work can definitely help progress painting and I finally made some inroads into the mass of beastmen infantry. So 24 Bestigors are now complete. In the end I kept the fairly pristine armour effect that my test painted Bestigor had. I figured that they had looted the armour off some of the Silvertop Clan dwarves. The banner idea was blatantly plagiarised from someone online. No idea who but thought it was really simple yet striking.
I broke up the mass by also painting a 2nd Ghorgon (another Mierce miniature) and I even got round to spraying some movement trays as modelled by the Bestigors (just need to flock them). Just have to get round to doing the rest as quite happy with the look.


Ghorgon and Bestigors (to show size comparison).

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