SELWG WHFB league table update 4

This might be a little bit of a bigger update post than normal as i’ve incorporated (and amended) Steve’s update, Gregs battle report and some photos I managed to take. Steve originally split the battles by the week played but i’ve put them all together under each group (and they cover a 3 week period).

So in Emperor, Dan has won the group with 3 wins and 3 successful missions (and has the highest overall score in the competition, topping Neil in Fateweaver by a whole point). Second place is up for grabs with any of the group able to claim this.

In Archaon, Paul looks to have secured victory (I don’t think anyone can top him now) and the final game between Steve and Luke will decide on who claims second place.

I sit top of Kroak for the moment but it is wide open and with at least 2 games booked in for later this month for the rest of the group, this could easily change.

Neil has secured first place in Fateweaver with 3 wins and 3 successful missions. Like Emperor, the rest of the league is wide open with any of the group able to claim the second spot.

The league table is under Steve’s update.

Tournament Timetable reminder.

Unless I’ve missed a follow up email, this is a reminder of the timetable as per Steves 12 Aug email.

1.1 Stage 1

21 October is the cut off for 1st group stage games

1.2 Stage 2

29 October is the submission deadline if you want to collect bonus points

4 November is the start of the 2nd group stage

Steve’s update.


Three weeks ago Dan and Pete played their Empire derby game in the Emperor league. Dan completed his final group stage game with a 3rd win, and both he and Pete succeeded in pulling off their respective missions with Pete sneaking his a message through enemy lines to his spy, whilst Dan’s War Altar-mounted Golden Griffon zapped Pete’s Griffon-mounted General for Cut off the Head.

On Friday Pete stepped up to the plate again, this time against Chris’ oven tray Ogres. They fought a bloody Dawn Attack scenario with fortitude management proving to be the Empire’s saving grace when a reckless Ogre overrun left the lonely Demigryphs to hold enough of the battlefield to secure a draw. Chris was able to successfully Stash the Cash, whilst the Slaughtermaster survived the day to deny Pete Cut off the Head.



Over in the Archaon league, Martin and Luke rolled up Blood and Glory. With 4 fortitude and a scenario breaking point of 3, this looks like a tricky scenario for the Dark Elves, but Luke was able to get the witches into contact with a unit of Longbeards and destroy it. Unfortunately for the Dwarves, this unit contained the general and the BSB and so it was immediately, “Goodnight, Nurse!” for the Dwarven fortitude. Neither side was able to achieve their missions, but they played out 6 turns and Luke fielded a splendid new painted unit.


The Kroak league saw Mr. Merfield finish the group stage with a game against Joe’s Vampire Counts. A full report of this game can be found here: SELWG WHFB comp – Game 3 vs Joe’s Vampire Counts.

In summary, they played out a very bloody 6 turns of Dawn Attack with the foul, stinking, slow-moving hordes (Dwarves) winning the day and delivering a secret message by aerial courier to claim their mission.


In the Fateweaver league, there was more undead action where Cyntac’s Vampire Counts took on Greg’s Wood Elves.

Another excellent battle report is already available courtesy of the always evocative Mr. Farrell, wherein he details the continuing exploits of Dreadroots (Posted at the bottom of theis update). The upshot was a “…cagey, but fun” game of Blood and Glory, played out to a tense draw. The Vampires were unable to get into HtH and coppice the venerable Dreadroots for Cut off the Head, whilst the Wood Elves did manage to sneak a message to their spy. However, the mission was immediately jeopardized when friendly archers started shooting at the spy’s unit!

On the 23rd, Matt and Neil fought 6 turns of Meeting Engagement with the Daemons coming out on top. Matt was subjected to all sorts of scenario specific hassles with a tardy level 4 not showing up until after Neil had already had 2 unopposed magic phases (imagine how much fun that must have been) only to be welcomed by a full fat cannonball to the face. Both generals achieved success in their missions with Matt Stashing the Cash and Neil Hero-Hammering.

That brought Neil’s group stage to a close with his 3rd win. Well done.


Fateweaver battle report

Cyntac Wong (Vampire Counts) vs. Greg Farrell (Wood Elves)

Group: Fateweaver

Mission: Blood and Glory

Cyntac special mission:  Cut off the head (unsuccessful)

Greg special Mission: Take a message (successful)

Result: Draw


The Dark Elf Sorceress bathed in the cool waters of the sacred glade pool. She was attended by a group of Sisters of the Thorn, who had been instructing her further in the ways of the Asrai. They presently sang her a haunting song about a Glade Captain hero from long ago. The song was broken by the sound of an Eagle swooping down into the clearing. It screeched out a message and flew off. Dreadroots had called a council of war- there were intruders in the forest.



 The Vampire army had set up camp in a wide clearing in the forest. The open space was broken only by two small thickets of trees and an old, crumbling statue of Orion in the centre. Dreadroots didn’t know the purpose of this invasion but it was a distraction he could do without. A small forest spite had secretly hidden itself within the ribcage of a skeletal steed, and Dreadroots plan was to pass it a message- steer the undead away from any major Wood Elf settlements and get them out of the forests as soon as possible. The goal was to achieve this with as little loss of Elven life as possible.



 The sun was high in the sky when the Elves emerged from the forest. Afraid of the enemy ethereals Dreadroots focused his initial shooting on two Cairn Wraiths who milled about in the centre of the Vampire lines. The magical arrows flew true and the foul creatures were brought down. Unperturbed by this the Vampire lord sent out a vanguard of gruesome dire wolves to hunt out elf flesh while his main forces moved up in support. In the centre of the battlefield the Treekin loped forward, intent on delivering their message at all costs but the vanguarding direwolves ran to intercept them. Luckily accurate bowfire from the Glade Guard dispatched the foul hounds before they could interrupt the treekin mission.

 Although the plan was to keep to the forests and shoot from afar, Dreadroots still needed to distract the enemy. He ordered a unit of Wild Riders forward on the right flank, and similarly a unit of Warhawk riders on the left flank. The Warhawks came up against the combat prowess of the Vampire lord and were soon beating a hasty retreat into the sky. The Wild riders had much more success, their initial charge completely wiping out a horde of Zombies and their attendant necromancer. This joy was short lived however as the charge took the unit out of position, exposing their flank to a second unit of zombies. Orion’s finest warriors were swamped by the undead and forced to retreat.


These distractions had the desired effect and as the Treekin bravely fought off the Black Knights, the forest spite was able to deliver its message to the spy. The Treekin were eventually forced to retreat but as they did so they signaled to Dreadroots that the mission was a success using an old tree spirit hand signal. Unfortunately this signal was not picked up by the Glade Guard, who obliviously continued shooting at the knights and whittling them down, endangering their own mission.

 On the right flank the Sorceress had held back with her Waywatchers, cautiously watching proceedings from afar. Seeing the Wild Riders tear into some Zombies got her pulse racing however so she strode forward, calling forth powerful death magic and leeching the spirit from the Mortis Engine. The necromancer controlling it slumped down dead and the engine blew up spectacularly. The resulting explosion caused damage to all the nearby Wood elves.

 Dreadroots watched all of this with dismay. His carefully lead plans were in danger of being ruined by the over exuberance of the young elves. Without further ado he commanded the retreat. A nearby Glade Guard took up his horn and blew the retreat signal. Instantly the elves obeyed, vanishing back into the forests from where they had came.


The statue of Orion had stood for countless centuries in the clearing.  It had strange magical properties and most Wood Elves steered clear of it- anyone approaching was liable to be blasted by magical energy.  With the undead army set up so close it seemed the statue was most unpleased. Its eyes glowed an eerie green and it began striking out at the undead, reaping a fearsome toll amongst the various black knights and skeletons that dared to approach. At one point it even wounded a Warhawk who had gotten too close, but the statue cared not, it struck out at any intruders.

 Eventually the battle was ended and the armies moved off. Seemingly satisfied the green glow surrounding its eyes diminished and the statue grew silent once more.




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