Army Evaluation

So now i’ve completed my group games I thought i’d evaluate how each part of the army did and what if anything I would change.

My list can be found here: Creation of the Throng



Drugin Silvertop – Thane BSB + sh + MRo Grungni.

Barlin Silvertop – Runesmith (General) + sh + (Weapon) Ro speed + (Talisman) Ro Spellbreaking * 2 & Ro Furnace.

Harek Silvertop – Runesmith + sh + (Weapon) Ro striking + (Armour) Ro Stone + (Talisman) Ro Spellbreaking * 2.

Burrnoth Strongarm – Master Engineer + Ro Stone + Brace of Pistols.
BSB A. Performed as expected but if I used him again I would get rid of the MRo Grungni as it was too situational (especially with the prevalence in rolling dawn attack). I would either replace it with MRo Valaya or tool him more for protection with maybe a great weapon

Runesmiths – A+. Did what they were suppose to and in the main, helped to shut down the opposition magic phases and buffed their units to help with defence (MR) and attack (AP). The cheap as chips runic weapon did what it was supposed to in the final battle and allowed a few wounds on the ethereal units. There is very little i’d change, perhaps adding the ring of thori or potentially swapping out one for my favored Lord on shield-bearers. Yes it would mean that I would lose some magic defense and potential be less competitive but i’d definitely feel happier with that and with the valaya banner it should help mitigate the exchange.

Engineer – A. Worked out well – wouldn’t leave home without him if I had more than one artillery piece, though must learn to position him better so that the charge arc covers anyone attacking the warmachines.


24 Longbeards (The Old Grumblers) – HA + sh – Full command

10 Quarrellers – HA + GW + xbows + Standard

10 Quarrellers – HA + GW + xbows + Standard

Longbeards B. They worked out OK but I am not convinced by taking shields over great weapons as I’d rather beef up the Irondrake unit as they are an effective anvil and have another assault unit. Next time I think I would take warriors with great weapons if only so that I could take more of them for the same cost.

Quarrellers – B+. The units worked fine but more often than not I ended up firing both units at the same target to ensure it was taken down. Having 2 units of 10 just gave that extra flexibility than one of 20.


24 Hammerers (The Silvergate Guard) – HA + GW + Musician + Standard (MRo Groth one-eye)

20 Slayers (The Brotherhood of Doom) – Standard

Cannon (Lizard Bane) – Ro Forging

Gyrocoptor (The Valkyrie) – Steam gun

Hammerers – A-. I’d take the hammerers again if only to take the standard as the 12″ stubborn bubble paid dividends. When they did get into combat they can be brutal but they potentially need greater numbers as a 5+ save isn’t very effective (though that could be a waste as dwarf units are reasonably easy to avoid).

Slayers – B+. I was pleasantly surprised with the slayers. Again no save means they can deplete very quickly but I love the models, fluff and they were effective every time they made combat.

Gyro – B+.  1 is good, 2 are better. They are really useful and about the only swift movement option in our book. Definitely need 2 in a list. The main downside is my ability to use them.

Cannon – A-. Although I’m not always the biggest fan of cannons, I wouldn’t leave home without one. If nothing else it acts as a priority target for the enemy cannon, leaving the organ gun another turn to shoot.


Organ Gun (Little Betty)

19 Irondrakes (The Firewardens) + FC (champ – duel drake pistols) + Ro slowness.

Organ gun – A-. It can be very hit or miss. Some games it was truly devastating, others it did bugger all. Still it causes massive fear in opponents and I would definitely include this again.

Irondrakes – A+. This was by far the best performing unit in the army. I got the impression that many of my opponents had not faced them before as their effectiveness definitely took some by surprise. I am thinking that a more central placing in the line is the correct way to go and another rank of 10 (or 20) wouldn’t go amiss.
Chopping and changing – army additions.

So is there anything I would want to add to the list?

Lord on shieldbearers – What can I say, love the model and it just plain reminds me of the chief from the Asterix comics. Why wouldn’t you take him just for that reason (ok so tooled up he is the same price as a unit but still, he is almost unkillable).

Quarrellers – ok so not an addition but if I’m dropping Longbeards and thinking of taking GW warriors, then I have to consider taking a horde of GW quarrellers instead. I’ve used them before and they are very effective (and a core choice!).

Rangers – I do like the idea of dropping a 40 strong unit of rangers right down the throat of an opposition army (assuming that would fit in the 625pt limit). It could really ruin someone’s day and would definitely be a distraction.

Miners – I did toy with using them instead of slayers but the random nature of the turn they deploy put me off. Still a small unit of 10 definitely merits a try in our comp for capturing quadrants, completing the 3 and 4 pence mission, war machine hunting or again giving your opponent something else to worry about.

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