Hobby update – Woodies

It’s been a little while since the last post as I’ve been laid up with some form of virus and a stoopid irritating cough, so not managed to do much (bar get some time on warhammer: total war).

I have however final managed to get my wood elf Warhawks to a stage where I can say I’m more or less finished with them. These have been on and off of the painting table for months and keep getting pushed to one side in favour of other tasks so I finally knuckled down and blitzed the last bits on them (OK the elves need a wash still but frankly that prob won’t happen) and I need to ensure they are properly protected to prevent the paint chipping again.

The warhawk colour scheme follows that used on my eagles and fuchsia and green matches the rest of the army.

After posting the pics I can see bits I need to go back and touch up. These models make me feel like Sisyphus. Every time I think the task is finished I have to go back and do it again!

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