Hobby update – a load of bull.

I finally managed to finish off a load of minotaurs this evening that I grabbed from the stack of figures at my parents. The two on the right are early marauder miniatures from 3rd or 4th edition and are about the size of Bestigors (I have one other, in the zebra stripes that I previously mentioned, but couldn’t find it when I last went down). The other is probably a citadel figure from around the same time. This one was already ‘painted’ so I just added some washes and a quick drybrush and stuck it to an appropriate base (it came on a 25mm).

The next two were later citadel models. No idea what edition, possibly 6th and stand half again as tall as the marauder models.

These can now join my doombull to form a blood frenzied stampeding unit that hurtles across the field. (You will have noticed a disparatee between the unit minotaurs paint job and the doombull. Quite rightly as the latter was an eBay purchase).

One day I will build/buy a light box but until my painting picks up I think the lack of light/clarity probably helps…

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