SELWG WHFB league table update 2

I’ve copied (and slightly amended) the Tournament organisers email for this post, as Steve included an update in the other 2 games played.

EDIT: I’ve gone back and updated the previous League table post to include Steve’s updates and a narrative report from Cyntac in the Fateweaver league. I’ve also added Greg’s narrative report between his wood elves and Neil’s daemons, to the bottom of this post.

All tournament related posts have been added to the site menu.

Three more games were played on Friday night and the updated league table is below.

In the Archaon league, Paul and Luke played Take & Hold. Despite the Witch block dominating the centre of the table and obliterating everything it touched, Paul was able to manoeuvre enough of his fortitude bearing units into Luke’s half of the table get a hard fought draw. Both generals achieved their missions with Luke killing the Great Unclean One to claim Hero-Hammered and Paul sneaking a message to the spy lurking somewhere in that unassailable witch block to secure “Take a Message”.

In the Fateweaver league Greg and Neil played the ever challenging Dawn Attack. Neil managed a marginal win. Greg wasn’t able to get his reinforcements off the table, but the Daemons were able to “Take a Message” to their spy – the second daemonic covert success of the evening. (Greg’s report is at the bottom of this post).

My full game report vs Alex’s Lizards in the Kroak league will be posted in the next day or so.

In terms of the leagues, no additional games were played in Emperor, so no change there. In Archaon, Paul’s draw has seen him leap from 3rd to 1st place. Kroak sees yet another draw. I maintain 1st place if only due to having played twice the games of everyone else, but Alex moves to 2nd with a strong points showing. In Fateweaver, Neil notched a 2nd win and 2nd successful secret mission, consolidating his 1st place position (and with a solid points score too). A third win will cement his spot. A strong showing from the rest of the group will be needed to oust him from this position. In fact a win from Matt against him is about the only way to stop him topping the group (no pressure chaps!).

League table 04.09.16

Housekeeping (Rule clarification)

 “Three and Fourpence”

  1. Points are not lost for sending reinforcements off the table.
  2. Only one unit in an army may leave the table to fulfil this mission.
  3. A unit may use a March move to leave the table.

“Take a Message”

The messenger model does not have to be a character model.

FateWeaver battle report (curtesy of Greg)

Neil Robins (Chaos Daemons) vs. Greg Farrell (Wood Elves)

Group: Fateweaver

Mission: Dawn Attack

Neil special mission:  Take a message (successful)

Greg special Mission: Three and four pence (unsuccessful)


The Dark Elf Sorceress stood on a high branch looking out into the forest. Dawn was still some way off and the air was cool but nothing like the comforting chill she was used to in Naggaroth. There was a strange scent in the air which she still hadn’t got used to- Trees. In advance of the final battle Malekith had ordered his remaining forces to join up with the Wood Elves and she was sent to the forests. The smell had haunted her every since.

Another thing she hadn’t got used to was the loss of her Manticore. In his wisdom the lord ruler had decided that flyers would be grounded for the foreseeable future. She had reared the creature from birth and so felt the loss keenly, not only for the power it brought in battle but also for the prestige it gave her among the Coven of Sorceresses. This loss was more than she could bear and so she spent less time with the Druchii and found herself drawn to the Asrai. Their ways were certainly different but she would get used to it.

A horn sounded in the distance, warning of an attack. A waywatcher stepped out of the shadows, invisible until he moved and took up a defensive position to guard her. Just before dawn was a typical time for the enemy to strike. She called up her Death magic and prepared for battle.


Confusion reigned in the Asrai ranks, the Daemon attack had caught them completely unawares. Treeman Dreadroots found himself in the centre of the army, faithfully supported by a unit of Treekin. He took charge as always, desperately trying to bring order. In the distance up ahead another force of Wood Elves were cut off and needed reinforcements. Dreadroots directed his fast cavalry units to rush forward and provide 3 and 4 pence worth of support.

At their generals order the first unit of Wild riders charged forward into a unit of pink horrors. The Keeper of Secrets had other ideas however, calling down foul shadow magic to hex them and sap their strength, leaving them unable to break through the Tzeentch lines. The proud Elven riders were then swarmed by Bloodcrushers and a Beast of Nurgle and taken down.

On the left flank a unit of Glade Guard were horribly out of position and exposed. Sensing their weakness a Herald of Khorne greedily spurred on his juggernaut and charged them. The elven archers braced themselves to stand and shoot. Guided by fey sorceries their arrows flew true and slayed the herald outright. Their joy didn’t last for long however as a playful Beast of Nurgle bounded into their ranks and promptly tore them apart.

In the centre the deadly skull cannon of Khorne moved forward, preparing to fire. Its first shot killed a Wild Rider, which opened up a gap to take a shot at the flammable Dreadroots. Luck shined on the Wood Elf general however and the cannon misfired.


The Druchii sorceress was surrounded by Waywatchers and Glade Guard, with Glade Captain Galindan bearing the army standard and acting as her personal bodyguard. She marveled at the Asari shooting, so accurate compared to her old Druchii darkshards. The enemy general, a foul Slaaneshi Keeper of Secrets, had foolishly approached within range and was promptly taken down by disciplined shooting.

The Sorceress watched on in horror as Dreadroots was charged from behind by a lone blood crusher of Khorne, the enemies momentum enough to topple the ancient treeman. She gasped and directed her archers to shoot faster, then called upon her death magic and leached the spirit of a nearby Pink Horror. Suddenly there was a lull in the fighting, and the demons were withdrawing. She smiled in satisfaction until she scanned the battlefield and saw her error. Her archers had remained still to concentrate on shooting and were now hopelessly out of position. The demons on the other hand controlled the key positions. To make matters only a token force had broken through the demons lines. A single wild rider and a unit of Sisters of the Thorn. It wouldn’t be enough to reinforce the Asari further ahead. With a curse she stalked over to Dreadroots, who was only just picking himself up from the ground.


The Keeper of Secrets stalked forward, using it’s magic to keep the Elves distracted. In the distance it saw its messenger make contact with the spy it had placed in a unit of Glade Guard. Even as it was banished back to the warp it saw the spy receive its orders. The day had been a complete success for the forces of Chaos.

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