Hobby update

The GW ghorgon model follows the styling of their newer plastic minotaurs, something I’m not a fan of. I much prefer the traditional minotaur look, so when I came across mierce miniatures and the model below I knew I’d found a replacement. (In fairness they had 3 potentials to choose from, one was a bit bug eyed and the other probably captured the ghorgon essence more closely as it is modelled launching itself forward, as if in an uncontrollable rage – but I liked the below as an army center piece).

The model is called Angaakk.


Before purchasing what, tbh, was a reasonably expensive model, I contacted the company and what followed was one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had. Needless to say it worked and the purchase was made. A few days later and I have one new ‘ghorgon’ awaiting assembly.

In other beastie news, I have finished assembling and undercoating the other 30 Bestigors, 10 ungor raiders and have two part built and painted tuskor chariots. Just need to: drybrush the chariot, finish the base (and glue the chariot to it),finish the bestigor base paint and then apply washes/highlighting to the crew and then any addition final detail to the model.

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