Hobby update – Little beasties

Well it’s started.

Finally gotten round to undercoating some beasties.

10 Bestigors, 2 brays shamens and the Lord were primed in black as their flesh will be a grey/blue colour and makes the weapons easier (what can I say, a 6th month old and a decommissioned man cave/modelling area – read new nursery – means I need to short cut my already limited painting time). The minotaurs and razorgor are white as undecided on the colour scheme at present. I already have one mino in standard Browns and another in a zebra striped scheme (no idea what inspired that, it was done back when 4th ed. was around. It is unusual enough that I’m considering using it for them all to reflect warping influence of chaos. Either that or a different scheme for each mino).

There is also a part built tuskor chariot under coated black. For the first time I’ve actually remembered to not fully assemble something to allow ease of painting!

Will update as and when I get round to doing some painting.

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