Armies, armies everywhere.

I had great plans to finish the battle report whilst holidaying in the Lake District but Sod’s law, the house we rented had no wifi so I’m reduced to using my phone to post. So instead I thought I’d take stock of the different armies I can currently field and where I want to go next.

The Throng of Karak Silvertop 

I think it’s obvious from previous posts that my current preferred army is dwarfs. I can field a good 6000 points and shockingly most of them are painted (not particularly well but good enough). Below is the throng of Karak Silvertop (my 2500pt SELWG comp entry).

So what else (I don’t hear you ask) can you field?

Like most fantasy players, I have bits and pieces from most of the armies but I’ll just list those where I can field a solid force.

The host of Vaelin Al’Sorna (High Elves)

This is my most recent army but was started when I purchased the 4th ed. boxed set back in the day. It is currently running around 5000 pts and is half painted. It has most of the toys with the exception of the flamespire Phoenix and the skycutter chariot.

Wood elves 

Ok so no fancy names as yet as I haven’t used them enough to honour them. I can field around 4000pts and again they are about 2/3rds painted (though bases are not done). The army includes scarlocks archers my very first GW purchase back when I started in 3rd ed. They are also my favourite army though I’ve hardly ever used them in games. They are the one army I tend to purchase just because I like the models and I recently forked out and bought a box of kurnoth hunters to use as treekin as they are possibly the best models GW have ever produced.

Orcs and Goblins

Ah my 2nd great love. This was my main army from 3rd to 6th ed. I loved all of them from the bad ass blackorcs, to the weedy backstabbin goblins, to the childlike mischievous snotlings. Now more often than not you see savage Orc hordes backed up with a gunline. Effective, yes but would I field it, probably not. I love the randomness, the infighting, the pump wagons, the blackorc distain for lesser greenskins but most of all big hordes. Even before 8ths horde rule i would happily field 50 strong goblin blocks and a number of 30+ Orc blocks.

Warriors of Chaos 

I can just about field a 2500pt force that is character heavy. I used to love the Norse armies (and they are still my bloodbowl team of choice) but never overly warmed to the replacement warriors. My list features plenty of marauders, Knights and warriors.

Vampire Counts

Ok so I nearly didn’t include these. The majority of the ‘core’ are skeletons from 3rd and 4th ed. it has since been bulked up with vargulfs, vargheists etc. but in all honesty I don’t think I have enough core to legally field them in a 2500pt game. 

Going forward

So with 6 existing armies, what next? 

Well I’ll definitely be bulking out the vampire counts but using mantic models. Apart from being massively cheaper than GW, the undead are their best range and I prefer many of their models too. 


I have to admit that I love the GW beastmen models and cannot believe I own just 2 (though I do have 4 marauder minotaurs). This will soon be rectified though it will be a slow burn army creation. The main issue is whether to go doombull/ghorgon or Magic heavy build. The other question is whether I will get them bought and built before a later stage of the SELWG comp!

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