The Ogre Conundrum

The final of the 3 lists in my group is Stevie’s Ogre Kingdoms. At first glance there is nothing out of the ordinary in his list. So what’s in it?


Slaughtermaster – GW + Talisman of Preservation (lore of Maw)

Bruiser – BSB – GW + Crown of Command

Hunter + AHW + Armour of Destiny + Stone Horn


12 Gnoblers – Stand

9 Ironguts – FC – Dragon Banner

9 Ogres – FC

8 Maneaters – FC – 4 with a brace of pistols – Poison attacks + stubborn





Having faced ogres a few times before I have a better idea of what to expect and I must admit I am a little worried. But the taller the tree the longer the fall and my throng swing a big axe!

The sabertusks will be coming straight for my WM so they will be top priority for my quarrellers.

I suspect the gnoblers are there for objective purposes. capturing scenery or escaping off the board. I’ll keep an eye on them and take them out if they look suspicious (or more suspicious than sneaky backstabbing low life greenskins normally do).

The cannon will be aiming for the ironblaster or if it is hiding behind immovable scenery (as they are want to do), I may ignore the stone horn (as it halves multiple wounds) and instead go for the gutstar.

If I can take out one of his units with focussed fire (maneaters would be ideal but either of the other units too) using OG and potentially Iron drakes this would help the cause no end. It will mean that the longbeards or irondrakes could then hold up the other units and the hammerers and quarrellers can help finish off the tarpitted block.

I am not 100% sure if the hunter is actually riding the stonehorn. If he isn’t, then i’ll try and bait him with the gyro. Otherwise will try and charge him with the gyro to pin him and then get the slayers into the side of him.

I guess the key will be to focus fire (so to speak) and take out each of his main blocks one at a time if possible.


The lore of the maw basic spells are cheap and most can be boosted to extend either the range or the bubble. The two spells i’m most worried about are: Toothcracker (+ 1 T) I definitely want to prevent this going off if my troops are in CC to maximise wound potentially. The second is Trollguts (regen). This can be negated in the shooting phase by the irondrakes if they are in range but will definitely want to prevent it in CC.

Spinemarrow would normally be an issue but 2 of his 3 main units already have stubborn.



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